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pkgsrc speed


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I've been configuring a machine, an AMD K6 600 with 512MB of RAM, by installing NetBSD and building some packages. I have been scared by the extremely long time vim-gtk2 has taken to build (alongside all of its dependencies, that is); I remembered building gtk2 on "old" machines was slow, but I couldn't imagine things had got so worse.

The thing is I suspected most of this slowdown came from pkgsrc (aside from gtk2's code growth, which is also the reason). So I did a very simple test.

I timed how long it took to build gtk2 by running 'make' inside the pkgsrc's directory. This was *after* I had ran 'make patch' (I now realize I should have ran 'make wrapper' or something like that, but can't try it now and the results shouldn't be too different). The timings I got are:

real 46m40.899s user 32m.52.636s sys 12m54.547s

Then I tried the same build (configure+make) without pkgsrc. I used the same patches present in pkgsrc for the test. The results:

real 32m25.393s user 19m37.271s sys 12m12.282s

There difference is almost 15 minutes! Is that normal? Or am I OK in thinking that the wrappers in pkgsrc really slow down things that much? (Not blaming anyone, just trying to see what's the cause.)


Julio M. Merino Vidal <>

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