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Re: pkgsrc NetBSD 1.6.2/i386 bulk build results 2005-03-30 (fwd)

On Wed, 30 Mar 2005, Lubomir Sedlacik wrote:
you were asked not to commit due to the ongoing freeze and the
importance of the bulk-builds running at that time.  the timing for
_any_ changes in the bulk-build code couldn't be worse.

as i said, if you think it's working fine and tested the code on the
2005Q1 branch, submit a pullup request.

I didn't change it, and I think it's as fine now as it was when I initially proposed it. Only that people doing bulk builds won't get the benefit of it now.

 - Hubert

NetBSD - Free AND Open!      (And of course secure, portable, yadda yadda)

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