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Re: pkg/57429: graphics/gdk-pixbuf2 needs librsvg so applications can load svg icons

On Wed, 24 May 2023, David Holland wrote:
 >  Librsvg has to be added to each package that uses svg icons. These
 >  are some I tested when adding support for a Huion tablet:
 >  inkscape
 >  drawing
 >  mypaint
 >  People don't notice it because other applications like gimp has the
 >  dependency on librsvg already.

They shouldn't be allowed to link to librsvg if they don't depend on
it; if they are, that's also a bug.

Also, add netsurf to the list (see PR 57221, the icon in question is
an svg image and netsurf doesn't explicitly depend on librsvg)

For what I see, I'm afraid that the developers of those projects
just expect pixbuf to load the icon. The mess is because the svg
loader is not in gdk-pixbuf2, like the rest, but in librsvg. You
can't make gdk-pixbuf2 depend on librsvg, because librsvg depends
on gdk-pixbuf2. I checked and freebsd and debian are making inkscape
depend on librsvg. Note that some applications like mypaint will
not even launch, and others like azpainter (not in pkgsrc) will
lose functionality.


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