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Re: pkg/56746: news/inn: innbind & nnrpd segfaulting on startup - INN server failure

On 22/04/16 11:35AM, S.P.Zeidler wrote:
> Hi,

Hi; thanks for having taken the time to catch up on this.
Also, thanks for updating the package. 

> I trust you have both domain: and server: set in /usr/pkg/etc/inn/inn.conf?

Your trust was well placed.

> Could you please try
> on your amd64 system and tell me if you still get crashes from
> innbind and nnrpd with it?

Since I lacked a amd64 system running head, I got a pkgsrc 
-trunk bootstrap and built inn-2.6.5 on 9.2_STABLE/amd64 and
9.99.95/aarch64. Working fine in both cases, no issues to report. 
The server is up an running and I consider this report closed.

To be fair, @RVP had shed some light on the problem here:

So I had already managed to prevent crashes by recompiling 2.6.3 with 

Best regards
PVO  |

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