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Re: pkg/56125 (Many haskell related errors when running pkgin upgrade)

* On 2021-04-27 at 15:03 BST, wrote:

I just updated Makefiles so that they now set CHECK_SHLIBS_SUPPORTED=no. The resulting binary packages should no longer contain invalid REQUIRES entries.

I just want to register my opposition to this approach, it's completely wrong, and just hides bugs. Historically in pkgsrc we have tried to be better than this, and it's very sad to see that we're now happy to just churn out broken packages by turning off warnings rather than actually fixing things.

I appear to be in the minority however, and I have no authority to ask that this be reverted or anything, but I do want it on record that I believe this is a terrible approach to software engineering, and would encourage it to be fixed properly.

It should also be pointed out that this was only a problem on NetBSD, so we're now producing packages with no safety checks on platforms that were previously fine, e.g. SmartOS.

CHECK_SHLIBS_SKIP and CHECK_SHLIBS_SUPPORTED are only supposed to be used in situations where the files in question are rebundling of existing binary files, or are very special files. The list of matches across all of pkgsrc is very small and with the exception of the ghc packages fit this description.

We do not support $ORIGIN and never will, it is the wrong approach when building software that is not designed to be relocatable. pkgsrc packages have one and only one prefix, and packages should always be built with specific rpaths to only those locations. The end result is vastly more reliable software, and it's somewhat ironic that it is Haskell, a language purportedly for "correctness", that is the only one in pkgsrc that is abusing these rules.


Jonathan Perkin  -  Joyent, Inc.  -

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