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Re: pkg/55952: Problems with /usr/pkg hardcoding in pkgsrc

* On 2021-01-24 at 19:05 GMT, John Klos wrote:

> > Are you sure this system doesn't have any files or environment
> > variables lying around that might affect this?
> > 
> > None of my macOS/Linux/SmartOS systems use /usr/pkg and they run
> > bootstrap for every daily build without issues.
> This is a clean system, but I'll run it again. It's an El Capitan system
> (original Mac Pro). Because of SIP, /usr/pkg cannot be used, of course.
> rm -Rf pkgsrc ; tar xzf pkgsrc.tar.gz       (from 22-Jan-2021)
> cd pkgsrc/bootstrap
> ./bootstrap --abi 64 --full --make-jobs 8 --prefer-pkgsrc --prefix /usr/local

I think the problem here is that "--prefer-pkgsrc" is not a valid
argument by itself, it should be "--prefer-pkgsrc yes" or similar.

The getopt parsing is a little fragile and is simply shifting over
your "--prefix" argument, and then ignoring an unknown "/usr/local"
argument, thus you're getting the default, and no helpful warning.

We should definitely make it more robust.

Jonathan Perkin  -  Joyent, Inc.  -

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