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Re: pkg/55952: Problems with /usr/pkg hardcoding in pkgsrc

* On 2021-01-23 at 23:30 GMT, wrote:

> => Creating binary package /Users/john/pkgsrc/bootstrap/work/wrk/pkgtools/cwrappers/work/.packages/cwrappers-20180325.tgz
> ===> Installing binary package of cwrappers-20180325
> pkg_add: Can't create pkgdb entry: /usr/pkg/pkgdb/cwrappers-20180325: Operation not permitted
> pkg_add: no files matching ``/usr/pkg/pkgdb/cwrappers-20180325/+*'' found: No such file or directory
> pkg_add: 1 package addition failed
> *** Error code 1

Are you sure this system doesn't have any files or environment
variables lying around that might affect this?

None of my macOS/Linux/SmartOS systems use /usr/pkg and they run
bootstrap for every daily build without issues.

Jonathan Perkin  -  Joyent, Inc.  -

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