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Re: pkg/55845: pkgin may cause pkg_add to dump core

>  > # pkgin in p5-DBD-postgresql
>  > calculating dependencies...done.
>  > postgresql12-client-12.4nb1 (to be installed) conflicts with installed package postgresql95-client-9.5.23nb1.
>  > proceed ? [y/N] n
>  > Segmentation fault (core dumped)
>  > # pkg_info | grep pkgin
>  > pkgin-20.8.0        Apt / yum like tool for managing pkgsrc binary packages
>  This is a known bug in 20.8.0, fixed in 20.11.0

Ah, that's encouraging.  I'll upgrade and this bug report can be

Following up on the other points:

>  > # ls -l *.core
>  > -rw-------  1 root  wsrc  4885936 Dec  4 14:33 pkg_add.core
>  Are you sure this is the core that was dumped above?  I would expect
>  to see a pkgin core.

I've searched, and I can't find the pkgin.core file.
Besides, the timestamp on the pkg_add.core file matches the above

>  > 	What?!?  Why would pkgin run pkg_add behind my back when I
>  > 	said that pkgin should *not* proceed?
>  I'm almost certain it wouldn't, certainly the only place it does run
>  (actions.c, do_pkg_install()), you would expect to see some further
>  output beforehand, which doesn't match your output.
>  If this really is a pkg_add.core from a pkgin segfault, then I think
>  the only thing that would explain this is a really bad build that is
>  completely re-arranging some of the code.

Strange.  I see the above comes from

                /* check for conflicts */
                if (pkg_has_conflicts(pkg))
                        if (!check_yesno(DEFAULT_NO))
                                goto installend;

but from the installend label it will return from the
pkg_install() function, and rc may be defaulted to EXIT_SUCCESS

Well.  I've browsed some more at the code, and can't find a
smoking gun, and it's possible I wasn't fully alert until the
above happened.  I'm satisfied with upgrading pkgin and let it be
with that.


- Håvard

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