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Re: pkg/54695 (MLDonkey Does Not Build)

On Tue,  4 Feb 2020 10:45:01 +0000 (UTC)
Jaap Boender <> wrote:

>  It's a recurring problem with OCaml 

I forgot to mention: my plan was to also bring it up on their forum.

In the form of a question, like in Jeopardy. =)
(The question being: `Why do you have breaking changes in-between minor revisions.'

I'll do so after reporting the duplicate TOC entries per chapter in the pkgsrc Manual PDF ;))

>  [its] beta version is in wip if you'd care to 
>  have a look.)

That's the thing, though :I really don't.

And most respectfully too: I really dig what they are going for and everything.
But all I am in for here is downloading movies and animes.

There are sporadic updates to MLDonkey's Git [1].  Mainly aimed at fixing the build; as well as removing features that became irrelevant.

I think it's just edonkey and bittorrent which have fallen off popularity. 
Whatever happened to sharing? I ask
Anyways,  MLDonkey is pretty much the only headless option, and second overhall most popular on *Nix after aMule.

Anyways I will keep looking at fixing that batch mode for compiling OCaml locally in the configure script:

This will work as intended: if the user happens to have a compatible version of OCaml installed, it should use that, if not it will silently download and use a temporary one that's fit for MLDonkey. (at leasst I think.)

As a separate step, one could also update to work with 4.09 or even .10, as you suggest

I wonder if someone will on the upstream?
I am tempted to just wait and only bother the Caml people; and mldonkey if the patch to configure is relevant.

Kind regards,


Germain Le Chapelain <>
Software Engineer


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