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Re: pkg/53718 - time to try 4.14.pre1 ?

On Wed, 22 May 2019, at 04:35:01 +0000 (UTC), Martin Husemann wrote:
>  Upstream seems to be heading toward a new release and we have an old
>  developement version of xfwm4 in pkgsrc. Maybe time to try their
> release
>  candidate instead?
>  Benny, could you have a look?

Hi Martin,

I've packaged the latest twelve Xfce updates from last week, including
xfwm4. I was planning on committing them all tonight, which would roll
us to parity with their 4.14.pre1 release. I've been "dogfooding" them
all the past few days. I haven't hit any issues with the newer xfwm4
with 8.1_RC1 or 8.99.41 on amd64 with native and Intel graphics.
(But, then, I wasn't able to reproduce the issues others were
encountering before, either.)

(You'll find at least two of the bugs you filed upstream have been
addressed. One for xfwm4, and one in another component.)


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