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Re: pkg/54196: devel/ncurses build failure on -current

On 12. May 2019, at 11:10, Leonardo Taccari <> wrote:

> If the setup is ready for possible ncurses and ncurses dependencies
> related breakages - WARNING! - it would be interesting to see also
> the results of:
>  - `pkg_delete -f ncurses'
>  - remove any left-over files of ncurses
>  - `make install' ncurses again
> ...and reshare +CONTENTS for it as well.

Installs fine with /usr/pkg/share/terminfo on ffs, fails with it being on nfs (macOS host, case insensitive fs).

+CONTENTS see attachment, after successful install on NetBSD fs.

Attachment: +CONTENTS.gz
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