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Re: pkg/53751: code blocks fails to build

On Wed, Dec 19, 2018 at 8:56 PM Robert Nestor <> wrote:
> I thought a recent change to wxGTK30 allowed it to use either gtk2 or gtk3.  Does it only build with one or the other or does it build for both?

wxGTK30 can use either gtk2 or gtk3, depending on the option you set,
with gtk3 as the default. Unfortunately, codeblocks _also_ depends on
some Gtk2 code directly, so it only works if you built wxGTK30 with
the gtk2 option.

> And if it builds for both can the OPTION be moved to codeblocks itself?

Unfortunately not, as explained above. Now, the thing I don't know is
whether pkgsrc can somehow express the dependency (wxGTK30 built with
a certain option) directly.


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