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Re: pkg/52739: sysutils/xfm crashes on start

The following reply was made to PR pkg/52739; it has been noted by GNATS.

From: David Holland <>
Subject: Re: pkg/52739: sysutils/xfm crashes on start
Date: Mon, 26 Nov 2018 00:02:41 +0000

 On Mon, Nov 20, 2017 at 02:30:00AM +0000, wrote:
  > >How-To-Repeat:
  > install xfm 
  > launch it
  > observe segmentation violation
 Here's the (first few) problems:
 At the end of XtVaCreateManagedWidget in FmLog.c, it needs this change:
 -         0);
 +         (void *)NULL);
 Otherwise it passes a 32-bit integer zero instead of a 64-bit null
 pointer and the receiving code doesn't recognize it as terminating the
 argument sequence, continues on, and croaks.
 Unfortunately, it then needs a bazillion more of these, since there
 are a lot of XtVa... calls and many of them end with 0 instead of
 (also for technical C reasons such calls should end in (void *)NULL
 and not just NULL, but this is less important in practice.)
 Is there an upstream? Since the full patch is likely to be large it
 might be a good idea to coordinate with them if they exist.
  > I can swear I had a workaround in the past and got xfm working
 gcc -m32 would be a workaround if you have 32-bit X libs... but
 setting that up in pkgsrc would be a pain.
 David A. Holland

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