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PR/53437 CVS commit: pkgsrc/mail/alpine

The following reply was made to PR pkg/53437; it has been noted by GNATS.

From: "Benny Siegert" <>
Subject: PR/53437 CVS commit: pkgsrc/mail/alpine
Date: Tue, 24 Jul 2018 12:39:37 +0000

 Module Name:	pkgsrc
 Committed By:	bsiegert
 Date:		Tue Jul 24 12:39:37 UTC 2018
 Modified Files:
 	pkgsrc/mail/alpine: Makefile distinfo
 	pkgsrc/mail/alpine/patches: patch-imap_src_mtest_mtest.c
 Log Message:
 Update alpine to 2.21.
 Patch (minus the mtest.c one) from Marco Beishuizen in PR pkg/53437.
 Additions include:
 - PC-Alpine: New configuration option "Aspell Dictionaries"
 allows a user to choose the dictionary used to spell check, in case the
 user communicates in more than one language. Examples of values for the
 variable are "en_US" or "de_DE", etc. Only the first
 10 dictionaries are offered.
 - Unix-Alpine: Connect securely to a LDAP server on a secure port. Based
 on a contribution by Wang Kang.
 - Colors configured in Alpine are inherited in the composer.
 - When Alpine is compiled with password file and SMIME support the
 password file is encrypted using a private key/public certificate pair. If
 one such pair cannot be found, one will be created.
 - Alpine builds with any version of OpenSSL greater than or equal to
 1.0.0c. This includes version 1.1.0. Alpine also builds with LibreSSL.
 format, which removes text in the SUBJECT between "[" and "]".
 - New SMARTTIME24 token for index screen. It is close to SMARTDATETIME but
 it differns in that it gives the time in which the message was sent for
 messages that are less than a week old. it uses a 24 hour format.
 - Alpine will include attachments when forwarding some
 multipart/alternative messages for which it did not use to include
 - New configuration option alternate-reply-menu which adds more ways to
 control features and variables when you start to reply to a message.
 - Added support for RFC 2971 - IMAP ID extension.
 - Add configuration ignore-size-changes that allows users to ignore errors
 in the computation of the size of a message from defective servers.
 - SMIME: Upgrade the default signature digest from sha1 to sha-256, since
 clients such as Thunderbird do not validate signatures that use sha1 digest.
 - Add the configuration variable "default-directories", which is
 called default-directories, which is a variable saves a list of
 directories that are readily accessible for save or export of attachments.
 This makes it easier to save attachments in directories that are hard to
 navigate to, or that are accessed frequently.
 - When a filename is attached and its name is encoded, the save attachment
 command will offer to save the file in the encoded form. This might work
 for some users, but the save command will have a subcommand ^N to decode
 the file name and save the file with the decoded name.
 - The TAB key allows autocomplete in the Fcc field in the composer
 headers, as well as autocompletes automatically when only one possibility
 exists for the ^J attach command.
 - Add support for the "TYPE" and "VALUE" attributes of
 the html OL tag.
 - Ignore message from smtp server after a successful authentication
 - When a message is saved in the Form Letter folder, add the ability to
 save the role being used to compose such message so that settings such as
 the SMTP server set in the role can be used when sending such form
 message. Suggested and patched by Frank Doepper.
 - If SSLDIR is defined somehow, do not disable S/MIME if the SSLCERTSDIR
 is not found.
 - When Alpine sends an attachment, it will set the boundary attribute in
 lower case, as some SMTP servers, such as those of reject
 messages if the boundary attribute is in uppercase.
 - Add the ability to change the private key and certificates used to
 encrypt a password file in the SMIME setup configuration screen.
 - SMIME: The ctrl-E command that gives information on the certificate is
 only available for messages that have a signed or encrypted part.
 - SMIME: If a message contains a RFC822 attachment that is
 signed/decrypted add the ability to view its SMIME information.
 - SMIME: Certificate information in the S/MIME screen is available for
 certificates stored in a container.
 - SMIME: Offer the common name of the person, instead of the name of file
 containing the certificate, as the name to be displayed in the certificate
 management screen for certificate authorities. Suggested by Matthias
 - SMIME: Management of several alternate name (SAN) certificates is
 improved. When importing a SAN certificate, also import a certificate for
 the filename, besides for the e-mail addresses in the certificate.
 Suggested by Matthias Rieber.
 - SMIME: add full year when displaying information about a certificate in
 the certificate management screen. Suggested by Matthias Rieber.
 - SMIME: sort certificates by some type of alphabetical order in the
 displayed name.
 - SMIME: Alpine will ask users if they wish to save S/MIME certificates
 included in signatures, when the option "Validate Using Certificate Store
 Only" is enabled. If the user does not wish to save it, validation will
 - HTML: Add support for decoding entities in hexadecimal notation.
 Suggested by Tulipant Gergely.
 - The "#" command, when used as part of an aggregate operation will allow
 users to select the role used in either replying, forwarding or replying
 to the group of selected messages, Suggested by Hisashi T Fujinaka.
 - If the charset of a message can not be determined, use the value set in
 the unknown charset set value for its value.
 - Resizing setup screen will redraw screen.
 - Unix Alpine only. Experimental: If Alpine/Pico finds a UCS4 code in the
 width ambiguous zone, it will use other means to determine the width, such
 as call wcwidth.
 - Pico: Code reorganization in the search command to make it easier to add
 subcommands of the search command.
 - Pico: Search command can do a case sensitive match. Use the Ctrl-^
 subcommand of the search command to bring this choice into view.
 - Pico: Add the ability to search for strings in the beginning or end of a
 line. Use the Ctrl-^ subcommand of the search command to bring this choice
 into view.
 - For a multipart/alternative message, the Take Address command will work
 on the part that is being read.
 - When sending a message, allow for 512 characters of consecutive
 non-white space before folding the subject line.
 - Make sure titlebar (the line at the top of the screen) always contains
 the name of the folder/newsgroup that is open, if this fits in the title.
 - The feature scramble-message-id will also scramble the name, version and
 operative system in the message-id header. Based on a contribution by
 Dennis Davis, which is itself based on a contribution by Mark Hills.
 - Change in logic in imap_set_password function to make Alpine ask if a
 user wants to save a password before reading the password file.
 - When exporting all parts of a message, if two attachments have the same
 name, do not overwrite a file more than once, but instead add a counter
 number to the filename to make a new file that does not exist in the file
 - Add the Control-R subcommand to the save command for attachments. This
 subcommand toggles if the saving will be done in binary mode for text
 attachments. When a user saves an attachment using binary mode it will be
 saved as it was sent, otherwise the attachment will be transformed to
 UTF-8 for further transformation through internal and user defined filters
 for saving.
 - Add command line argument -smimedir, which allows to specify the default
 path for a directory that contains the public, private, and ca
 directories. This is useful in case a user has a backup of old
 certificates that cannot be installed in the ~/.alpine-smime dir.
 - Reimplementation of the code that allows the .pinerc file to be a
 symbolic link by Kyle George from to use realpath.
 - When saving an attachment, the "^T" command leads to a screen where the
 "A" command can be used to add a file. A directory can be added by
 pressing "^X" after the "A" command. Added after a suggestion by Stefan
 - When saving an attachment, the ^Y and ^V commands allow a user to scroll
 through the history of directories used to save attachments, while
 preserving the given name of the file. Suggested by Peter Koellner.
 - SMIME: Turn off automatic signing and encrypting of a message when
 bouncing. Suggested after a discussion with Matthias Rieber.
 - When messages are selected, warn the user if a message that is not
 selected will be bounced, or if not all selected messages will be bounced.
 Suggested by Ulf-Dietrich Braumann.
 - The bounce command adds a subcommand to choose a role.
 - When selecting messages by number, the "." character can be
 used to specify the message on which the cursor is on.
 - When Alpine opens an attachment, it sometimes changes the extension of
 the file that is being opened and replaces it by another for the same mime
 type. If Alpine finds that the extension of the file corresponds with the
 mime type, according to the mime-types file, then it will keep it, and no
 substitution will be made.
 - Set no restrictions on the length of encoded subjects, but encode words
 in length of no more than 75 characters.
 Bugs that have been addressed include:
 - SMIME: Crash when a certificate has an invalid date of validity. Also
 Alpine will use the function ASN1_TIME_print to determine the date of
 validity. Reported by Ben Stienstra.
 - SMIME: Crash when attempting to unlock the password file and an
 incorrect password is entered.
 - SMIME: Crash when checking the signature of a message that contains a
 RFC822 attached message. Reported by Holger Trapp and Bjorn Krellner.
 - SMIME: Cancelling entering password to unlock key will not reprompt.
 - SMIME: fix a bug that did not allow users to transfer certificates to
 remote containers. Reported by Matthias Rieber.
 - SMIME: certificates included in messages were not being transferred to a
 remote container.
 - SMIME: Crash if public certificates are located in an inaccessible
 remote server and the private key is not available.
 - SMIME: Alpine does not remove temporary files created when adding a CA
 certificate to a container. Reported by Holger Trapp.
 - SMIME: When reading a local certificate, Alpine converts the name of the
 certificate to lowercase, which may make Alpine not be able to read such
 certificate. Reported by Dennis Davis.
 - SMIME: If the option "Remember S/MIME Passphrase" is disabled, then
 entering a password to read an encrypted message will make Alpine forget
 the key and not ask the password to unlock it again in case it is
 necessary to unlock it again. Reported by Ulf-Dietrich Braumann.
 - Alpine would use freed memory while trying to compute the color of the
 titlebar. This happened when trying to continue a postponed message.
 - Alpine failed to read an encrypted password file if too many passwords
 were saved in the password file.
 - When selecting messages while in Threaded Index Screen, some messages
 other than top of threads could appear in the index, making Alpine display
 messages "out of the screen."
 - The index format would be chopped at the position of an unrecognized
 token, instead of skipping the token as intended.
 - Work in progress: Avoid calling non-safe functions when Alpine receives
 a signal. See bug report
 - Crash when attempting to read a message after a bounce command. In order
 to produce a crash one needed to use the ^T subcommand and do a search in
 a LDAP directory. The crash is produced by changes to the text in the
 title bar. Reported by Heinrich Mislik in the Alpine-info list.
 - HTML messages that contain UTF-8 may wrap at the wrong position, making
 Alpine not display the correct character at the position that wrapping is
 done. Reported by Wang Kang.
 - Pico: Searching for a string that is too long causes Pico to crash in
 the next search.
 - Fix vulnerability in regex library. This only affects those who use this
 library, such as the windows version of Alpine. See";>
 for more details.
 - Alpine would not set include and lib paths for OpenSSL if this was
 installed in /usr/local/ssl.
 - If the .pinerc file is a symbolic link, Alpine might not write its
 contents when saving its configuration.
 - The _INIT_ token does not skip over non-alphanumeric characters in the
 name. Reported by Andreas Fehr.
 - When opening an INBOX folder in a context different from the incoming
 folders collection, from the command line, Alpine would open the INBOX
 folder from the incoming folders collection.
 - Mismatch in size of UCS and CELL caused a corruption in the content of a
 pointer, which made the speller in PC-Alpine get the content of a word
 - Skip testing openssl compatibility version when cross-compilation is
 detected. Fix contributed by Antti Seppalla
 - Alpine fails to remove temporary files used during a display or sending
 filter. Fix contributed by Phil Brooke.
 - When the index is in zoomed state, adding new messages to the selection
 would not show those messages if those messages are on top of the current
 message in the top of the screen. Reported by Ulf-Dietrich Braumann. In
 addition, when the user scrolls through the index, this scroll smoothly,
 without jumping pages. Reported by Holger Trapp.
 - Crash when reviewing history of saving attachments.
 - Crash when canceling a goto command on a local collection that has not
 been expanded and attempting to expand such collection.
 - Crash in Pico when forwarding messages that contain a direction mark at
 the end of a line. Reported by James Mingo.
 - Solve compilation errors when Alpine is built with Visual Studio 2015.
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 cvs rdiff -u -r1.41 -r1.42 pkgsrc/mail/alpine/Makefile
 cvs rdiff -u -r1.22 -r1.23 pkgsrc/mail/alpine/distinfo
 cvs rdiff -u -r1.2 -r1.3 \
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 copyright notices on the relevant files.

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