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Re: pkg/52747: new package submission for influxdb 1.4.2

>  However, after doing more research, I think that go software building =
>  seems determined to operate in opposition to that concept: influxdb, for =
>  example, has 20 or more dependencies, some of which are only available =
>  as git checkouts (which is what the gdm tool is being used to fetch and =
>  manage). Since each of those dependencies are based on a particular =
>  commit id, I=E2=80=99m not sure that it would be feasible to create =
>  packages for each dependency.=20

This has been done before, even though it is arguably quite tedious.
Look at the go-hugo package for inspiration.

I am working on, which is not
quite finished but will at least tell you what the dependencies are.

>  Would an acceptable alternative be to create a distribution file that =
>  contained the particular go files required by a particular version of =
>  influxdb and make that available on, say, GitHub? That way, a canonical =
>  set of source would be available for download by pkgsrc and the build =
>  could proceed without any additional network access?=

This would be somewhat questionable if not done by a developer.

You might try to get your upstream to vendor all dependencies, i.e.
put them in a vendor subdirectory. This is what Caddy has done, and it
has made packaging it trivial :)


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