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Re: pkg/52693: cldr-emoji-annotation: new package (for ibus emoji-dict support)

> Package files are attached in shar format.
> Also available on gist:

Personally, I would prefer if that were a multi-file gist instead of
the shell archive again :).

> - CATEGORIES should be discussed (currently in "fonts")

It's not a font per se. print or textproc would be better choices.

> - PKGNAME is tweaked from DISTNAME for version strings
>   (31.90.0_1 ->


> - DISTFILES is from github repo prepared by the fedora maintainer
>   (who is also a maintainer of ibus)
>   because the original has no archive and versioning:

That's fine.

> - fedora specifies "LGPLv2+ and Unicode" for license,
>   but only "LICENSE=unicode" is specified because
>   installed annotation files are in Unicode license
>   (binaries to generate "annotationsDerived" files during do-build
>    use LGPLv2 libs but they are not installed)

That's also fine.

> - NO_CONFIGURE is set because bandled "" srcipt handles libtools etc.

I have not looked at the contents of But I would probably
just run "autoreconf" in pre-configure and leave the configure target
as is.

If you do decide to stay with, you should run it in
do-configure, not do-build.

> - files are installed to ${PREFIX}/share/unicode/cldr/common/
>   as upstream recommends (which seems suggested by fedora)
> - no warning by pkglint

Both are good.

Please commit after addressing the points above.

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