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Re: pkg/52546: Import sysutils/renameutils 0.12.0

Le vendredi 22 septembre 2017, 12:24:51 EDT Benny Siegert a écrit :
> I missed that you attached a tarball of the package to the first mail. My
> MUA did not show it, but the Gmail web interface did. Considering the
> cruftiness of our bug tracker, attaching files to mails may be tricky.

That's odd. I used send-pr (or send-pr.cgi, I can't remember) to submit the PR 
with the tarball.

> I just committed your package into pkgsrc-wip. The main pkgsrc tree is
> currently frozen for the 2017Q3 release.


> You can easily get an account to commit into pkgsrc-wip. Perhaps in the
> future, you could put the package there and file a PR for importing from
> that?

Will do, thanks for the advice.


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