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Re: pkg/52561: devel/npth broken

 Reverse diffs make understanding harder :)

Awww, I trust you manage to understand it...

 The npth-config installed by npth-1.5 on 8.99.2/amd64 has the "ok"
 lines already inside. Even the file coming with the
 distribution has them.

That's not a contradiction to what I said: The .in file is okay, the generated script is at first okay, but pkgsrc mangles it in the last step. I failed to transfer the info from the other PR, that building npth outside pkgsrc does not show this problem. For me this is clearly a pkgsrc problem.

 Please find out why/how they are broken for you.

If I knew where this came from, I would have mentioned it and opened a different PR. I don't understand what pkgsrc is doing to this file enough to debug this problem.

Jörn Clausen
Plattformen & Serverdienste
BITS - Bielefelder IT-Servicezentrum

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