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Re: pkg/52455: lang/oracle-jdk8 and lang/oracle-jre8 don't declare buildlink3 library paths

> [root@pkgsrc-pbulk oracle-jre8]# diff
> 21a22,25
>> LIBDIR_ARCH=    ${MACHINE_ARCH:S/x86_64/amd64/:S/sparc64/sparcv9/:C/^e?arm.*$/arm/}
>> BUILDLINK_LIBDIRS.openjre8+=java/oracle-8/jre/lib/${LIBDIR_ARCH}/server
>> BUILDLINK_LIBDIRS.openjre8+=java/oracle-8/jre/lib/${LIBDIR_ARCH}

This should be, I suppose?
Also, according to the PLIST, the directory is java/oracle-8/lib/${LIBDIR_ARCH} (no jre). And on macOS, there is no arch directory. I don’t know buildlink well enough to judge if it is OK to give nonexistent directories here.

> [root@pkgsrc-pbulk oracle-jdk8]# diff
> 30a31,34
>> LIBDIR_ARCH=    ${MACHINE_ARCH:S/x86_64/amd64/:S/sparc64/sparcv9/:C/^e?arm.*$/arm/}
>> BUILDLINK_LIBDIRS.openjdk8+=java/oracle-8/jre/lib/${LIBDIR_ARCH}/server
>> BUILDLINK_LIBDIRS.openjdk8+=java/oracle-8/jre/lib/${LIBDIR_ARCH}

According to its PLIST, the lib subdirectory here does not contain libjvm, is this needed at all?


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