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Re: pkg/49804

>> I noticed that pkgsrc-wip already contained a package for nss-pam-ldap.
> When I looked at it three years ago, that could only possibly work on Linux.

It looks like he@ (Havard Eidnes) is actually maintaining the package in wip (into which I merged your changes) and has updated it to the latest version. I propose handing this over to him to decide. My proposal is to import as is after the freeze (see below).

>> but it is a single package including the NSS module, the PAM module 
>> and the daemon.
> The point of going into the trouble of splitting it up (as discussed on tech-pkg in december, 2013) was that almost every combination of the components makes sense:
> You may want to stick with nss_ldap, but switch to nss-pam-ldapd-pam (or vice versa)
> You may want PAM, but not NSS (or vice versa)
> You may event want a client, but not the server because OpenLDAP has an overlay (slapo-nssov, which is still in my queue of needing to be pkgsrc-ed) speaking the same protocol.
> So I think three separate packages do make sense. At least for me.

In general, there is nothing wrong with having all the stuff in one package. Merely installing a PAM and/or NSS library does not mean that you are going to use it. In both cases, you need to edit a configuration file to enable them.


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