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Re: pkg/52275: devel/cmake does not compile on Solaris 11.3/sparc

 Both are supposed to be provided by libstdc++.

They are:


$ nm /opt/pkg-gcc/4.9.4/lib/amd64/ | grep __cxa_throw_
[4856] | 1006048| 50|FUNC |GLOB |0 |945 |__cxa_throw_bad_array_length [3970] | 1005984| 50|FUNC |GLOB |0 |944 |__cxa_throw_bad_array_new_length


$ nm /opt/pkg-gcc/4.9.4/lib/sparcv9/ | grep __cxa_throw_
[3205] | 901528| 76|FUNC |GLOB |0 |927 |__cxa_throw_bad_array_length [6066] | 901452| 76|FUNC |GLOB |0 |926 |__cxa_throw_bad_array_new_length

 > This error boils down to the fact that libuv is not used by cmake on
 > sparc, but only on i86.

 That shouldn't really matter.

I extracted the command from the work.log, pasted it to the command line, added the missing inclusion of (essentially I used the command found in the work.log of the i86 build), and I got a working ccmake binary.

But I agree that this is probably more a symptom than the cause. I checked older binaries done on Solaris 11.2 with GCC 4.8.5. Here ccmake/i86 links to libuv, ccmake/sparc does not. Well, at least not to the standalone devel/libuv, maybe it uses the libuv that is included in cmake.

Jörn Clausen
Plattformen & Serverdienste
BITS - Bielefelder IT-Servicezentrum

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