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Re: pkg/49854 (libnbcompat: strtoll(3) mentioned twice for AC_REPLACE_FUNCS())

On Mon, Oct 31, 2016 at 05:27:54PM +0000, wrote:
> WONTFIX isn't any solution and help to the issue. We are somewhere
> between long long support and lack of it. My patch wasn't about ll
> support in general, but broken duplication of check for strtoll(3). 

The duplicated check by itself is harmless. It isn't clear whether the
long long non-support glue works properly or even where it is needed at
all. As such, it is unclear on whether the second instance is necessary
or not.

> If we won't support ll, so then I will propose a patch to remove that copy and problem solved.

I think you are confused about the problem at hand.


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