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Re: pkg/51424: pkgtools/libnbcompat string.h header does not properly guard strdup definition

On Mon, Aug 22, 2016 at 03:35:01AM +0000, William Orr wrote:
>  Not sure what I'm missing. autoconf (when building pkgin) *does* set
>  HAVE_STRDUP, but *does not* set HAVE_DECL_STRDUP. None of the other
>  functions are guarded by a prefix. ./configure *does* throw errors when
>  the function is guarded by the HAVE_DECL_STRDUP macro, since strdup on
>  Fedora is a macro itself.
>  Why is strdup the only function that is guarded by a macro prefixed with
>  HAVE_DECL_ instead of HAVE_ ? Not super clear as to why on that front
>  either.

Are we talking about libnbcompat or pkgin? They use different ways to
check for strdup and different macros for the feature test.


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