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Re: pkg/49598: perl5 build failures on powerpc 601

On Sat, Jan 24, 2015 at 07:10:02AM +0000, John D. Baker wrote:
>  My perl installation is now updated.
>  Perhaps try this on your 601-based system?

I'll give the a try.

For this error:

BEGIN failed--compilation aborted at /mnt/disk1/pkgsrc/lang/perl5/work/perl-5.20.1/dist/ExtUtils-Command/lib/ExtUtils/ line 3.
 Compilation failed in require.
 BEGIN failed--compilation aborted.

I found that the line

  use 5.00503;

was causing problems, so commenting it out allowed the compilation to
continue.  I think there were 3 other files that had the same problem,
at least during my compilation.


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