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Re: pkg/49494: editors/gedit3 package issues

On Mon, Dec 22, 2014 at 03:00:00AM +0000, wrote:
> There are two issues I've found with the gedit and gedit3 packages:
> - The make file for both doesn't mark them as conflicting packages,
> though they both install bin/gedit and bin/gnome-text-editor.

gedit and gedit3 both have the same PKGNAME = gedit - is there any
reason you want to have both versions of gedit installed at once?

wiz@ clarified CONFLICTS in the meantime:

  19.1.7. Handling conflicts with other packages

  Your package may conflict with other packages a user might already have
  installed on his system, e.g. if your package installs the same set of files as
  another package in the pkgsrc tree or has the same PKGNAME.

  These cases are handled automatically by the packaging tools at package
  installation time and do not need to be handled manually.

so the case of "same PKGNAME" should be handled automatically.

> - Since the update to the 3.14 series, gedit3 doesn't take into
> account that in order to be usable, it really needs to have an
> explicit dependency marked on graphics/adwaita-icon-theme, otherwise
> various icons will be missing, and as this new version has done away
> with the traditional menu system, it's a bit crippled without these
> icons. Without that package installed, I'm presented with various
> unlabelled buttons and can't even see the close icon on tabs.

Thanks: I added the depedency.

Does this wrap things up sufficiently?

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