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pkg/48837: update inputmethod mozc to 1.15.1785.102

>Number:         48837
>Category:       pkg
>Synopsis:       update inputmethod mozc to 1.15.1785.102
>Confidential:   no
>Severity:       non-critical
>Priority:       medium
>Responsible:    pkg-manager
>State:          open
>Class:          change-request
>Submitter-Id:   net
>Arrival-Date:   Sat May 24 19:20:00 +0000 2014
>Originator:     Izumi Tsutsui
>Release:        NetBSD 6.1.4 + pkgsrc-2014Q1
System: NetBSD/i386 6.1.4
Architecture: i386
Machine: i386
The google Mozc 1.15.1785.102 has been released:

The most important change for Japanese ibus-mozc users is:
>> FIX: The initial mode of ibus-mozc shouldn't be Hiragana with IBus 1.5+
>> (Issue 201) 

Current pkgsrc mozc version is 1.13.1651.102
as seen in inputmethod/mozc-server/Makefile.common.

Here is related files for mozc 1.15.1785.102:

diffs (with new files) for reference:

mozc-server changes:
 - Makefile
  * it seems google no longer provides tar.bz2 source archive file
    so refers ArchLinux AUR repository for DISTFILE
  * add a SUBST line for a new patch

 - patches changes:
    upstream seems integrated changes in the first chunk
  * patch-gui_qt__libraries.gypi, patch-protobuf_protobuf.gyp
    compiler checks (gcc and clang) no longer refer OS definitions
  * patch-gyp_common.gypi
    remove "-std=c++0x" cflag (seems "-std=gnu++0x" is specified later)
    move @PREFIX@ substitute into new patch-unix_ibus_ibus.gyp (see below)
  * (removed)
    the #else is "#if defined(OS_WIN) && defined(GOOGLE_JAPANESE_INPUT_BUILD)"
    so I don't think #elif checks for OS_LINUX and OS_NETBSD is necessary
  * (new)
    appease bash'ism ("==" in test) warning
  * patch-unix_ibus_ibus.gyp (new)
    fixes pkgsrc path prefix, which was handled in
    (I also wonder if path in the definition of "options.server_dir" is
     already handled in patch-gyp_common.gypi)
  * other patches are includes only de-fuzz and updated original timestamps

ibus-mozc, mozc-elisp, mozc-renderer, mozc-tool changes:
 * just resets PKGREVISIONs

uim-mozc (patch is not included):
 There are two files (key_translator.h and which need fixes
 for 1.15.1785.102 in optional uim-mozc-331.tar.xz archive
 ("#include <base/base.h>" should be replaced with "<base/port.h>"),
 but I have no idea how to patch them because uim-mozc/Makefile
 includes mozc-server/Makefile.common and shares patches and distinfo
 under the mozc-server dir.

mozc_server, mozc_tool, ibus-mozc (which depends on mozc-renderer)
work fine with my pkgsrc-2014Q1 environment.
uim-mozc is not tested.

Izumi Tsutsui

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