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Re: pkg/48301 (Make devel/monotone build with lua 5.2 (with patch))

On Thu 06 Mar 2014 at 01:36:40 +0000, wrote:
> Synopsis: Make devel/monotone build with lua 5.2 (with patch)
> lua multi-version issues remain

They got worse in pkgsrc-2013Q4.

Because my patches to make monotone work with Lua 5.2 were not committed
to pkgsrc, I have to build with LUA_VERSION_DEFAULT=51.

However, graphics/graphviz does not work with Lua 5.1 and requires 5.2.
(Probably because of the same incompatabilities in Lua that plague

Now, monotone-viz requires bith monotone and graphviz.

The only way out is to allow monotone to work with Lua 5.2. Which
requires some patches, such as the ones I submitted.

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