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Re: pkg/48508 (problems building multimedia/libvpx on Solaris 10)


I currently run into GCC_REQD=4.4 in multimedia/libvpx because of pkg/48508 ...
as a dependency of editors/emacs (in an experiment for RHEL5).

Since I dislike building pkgsrc gcc’s without good reason (sse3 for a remote
emacs isn’t), and I don’t see any option - I disabled the requirement and it
seems to me multimedia/libvpx builds fine.

For Solaris I recommend to have a look how SmartOS has solved the issue (IIRC
they build with a dedicated gcc4.7 which can be separated between build- and
runtime parts) and for all other OS I strongly disagree to enable GCC over all.

I have no clue how it behaves when this package encounters an environment with
clang, xlc, acc or SunPro ...

Anyway - blind adding new requirements is IMHO a mistake.

Jens Rehsack
pkgsrc, Perl5

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