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Re: pkg/48500: lang/perl5 cause an unaligned access exception.

> writes:
> - >Fix:
> - Please apply this patch at pkgsrc/lang/perl5/
> - ### gcc-4.*.* in NetBSD/alpha causes  unaligned access exception in perl.
> - ### -O works around, and there is a report that -O2 -fno-tree-ter is enough.
> - .if !empty(MACHINE_PLATFORM:MNetBSD-*-alpha) && 
> !empty(CC_VERSION:Mgcc-4.*.*)
> - # XXX: is there any good way to replace the default -O2 with multiple args?
> - #PKG_HACKS+=            optimisation
> - #BUILDLINK_TRANSFORM+=  rename:-O[2-9]*:-O2 -fno-tree-ter
> - CFLAGS+=-O2 -fno-tree-ter
> - .endif
> I'm integrating this into the tree, but I can't decide if I need
> to bump PKGREVISION on perl or not.  The issue only affects
> NetBSD/alpha (or maybe alpha's generically), and otherwise has
> no effect.
> And I'd like to avoid a huge churn on non-alpha platforms.
> My inclination is not to bump it, as fixes an issue (poor
> execution style) on one platform only.
> Contrary opinions?

Simply bump PKGREVISION per principle.

As you see, discussion for a human judgment per feelings
without a responsible person just wastes much more time
than automated binary rebuilds, due to random bikeshed comments.

Izumi Tsutsui

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