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Re: pkg/48447: update pkgsrc/net/ruby-tw to 1.0.2 withrequirednewgems

>   >  Please stop claiming your personal opinion of "usage of devel"
>   >  in this PR.
>  Why is obache's personal opinion any better than mine? Mine is at
>  least consistent with the evidence.

If you blindly believe "consistent is better thing", it's simply false.

- no advantage on your "consistent" with current wrong usage of devel
- definitions of "devel is for development utilities" and
  "general purpose utilities should be in misc" are much saner than yours
- obache also mentioned why current wrong usage couldn't be fixed
- if you really want consistency you can propose to move
  "general purpose" packages from devel to misc
- you said you didn't know Ruby first and I said I'd follow Ruby guys

If you still have comlaints, create another thread in proper lists.
This PR is filed to update net/ruby-tw.

Izumi Tsutsui

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