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Re: pkg/48168: Firefox 23 segfault on NetBSD 6.1.1

The following reply was made to PR pkg/48168; it has been noted by GNATS.

From: Michael Danilov <>
Subject: Re: pkg/48168: Firefox 23 segfault on NetBSD 6.1.1
Date: Mon, 2 Sep 2013 00:39:23 +0600

 Content-Type: text/plain; charset=us-ascii
 Content-Disposition: inline
 >  Could you provide output of pkg_info?
 <see attachment>
 >  And your type (native or modular)? is native, I believe.
 Native, yes.
 Content-Type: text/plain; charset=us-ascii
 Content-Disposition: attachment; filename="pkg_info.txt"
 pkgin-0.6.4         Apt / yum like tool for managing pkgsrc binary packages
 tcpdump-4.4.0       Network monitoring tool
 pkg-config-0.28     System for managing library compile/link flags
 ncurses-5.9nb1      CRT screen handling and optimization package
 f2c-20100903        Fortran to C compiler including a script to emulate f77
 curl-7.32.0         Client that groks URLs
 ncursesw-5.9        Wide character CRT screen handling and optimization package
 x11-links-0.79      Shadow tree of links to native X11 headers and libraries
 digest-20121220     Message digest wrapper utility
 gmake-3.82nb7       GNU version of 'make' utility
 atf-libs-0.17       Automated testing framework - Libraries
 cmake-      Cross platform make
 tex-cm-2012         Computer Modern fonts
 pkg_chk-2.0.6       Check installed package versions against pkgsrc
 rdesktop-1.7.1nb1   Open-source Remote Desktop Protocol client
 libelf-0.8.13       ELF object file access library
 hwloc-1.7.1         Portable Hardware Locality
 pcre-8.33           Perl Compatible Regular Expressions library
 ghostscript-gpl-9.05nb6 Postscript interpreter
 desktop-file-utils-0.21 Utilities to manage desktop entries
 htop-1.0.1          Enhanced version of top utility
 estd-0.7            Dynamically sets the CPU-frequency on SpeedStep and 
PowerNow CPUs
 png-1.6.3           Library for manipulating PNG images
 gmp-5.1.2           Library for arbitrary precision arithmetic
 libslang2-2.2.4nb2  Routines for rapid alpha-numeric terminal applications 
 beets-1.2.1         Music geek's media organizer
 irrlicht-1.8        Open source high performance realtime 3D engine
 mc-     User-friendly file manager and visual shell
 libffi-3.0.13       Foreign function interface
 nmap-6.25nb3        Network/port scanner with OS detection
 readline-6.2        GNU library that can recall and edit previous input
 pciutils-3.1.10     PCI bus manipulation utility similar to NetBSD pcictl(8)
 dvd+rw-tools-7.1    Tools for writing DVD+R[W] disks
 gcc47-4.7.3nb1      The GNU Compiler Collection (GCC) - 4.7 Release Series
 glew-1.10.0         OpenGL Extension Wrangler Library
 p5-HTML-Format-2.10nb2 Perl5 modules for converting HTML to other text formats
 bison-3.0           GNU yacc(1) replacement
 unrar-5.0.7         Extract, view & test RAR archives
 gawk-4.1.0          GNU awk
 p5-Devel-Cycle-1.11nb4 Perl5 module to find memory cycles in objects
 tex-etex-2.1        TeX implementation filling the gap between TeX3 and NTS
 xmlcatmgr-2.2nb1    XML and SGML catalog manager
 perl-5.18.0nb2      Practical Extraction and Report Language
 bash-4.2nb3         The GNU Bourne Again Shell
 xcb-util-0.3.9nb1   XCB Utilities
 flac-1.3.0          Free lossless audio codec
 libvorbis-1.3.3     Library for the Ogg Vorbis audio encoding format
 enca-1.14           Extremely Naive Charset Analyser
 libogg-1.3.1        Ogg project codecs library
 docbook-xml-4.5     XML DTD designed for computer documentation
 wget-1.14nb3        Retrieve files from the 'net via HTTP and FTP
 tex-t2-2010         Support for using T2 encoding
 pkg_tarup-1.9.1     Generates binary package(s) from installed pkg(s)
 pkg_rolling-replace-0.24.1 Replace/upgrade packages in-place
 pkg_install-20130131nb1 Package management and administration tools for pkgsrc
 mutt-     Text-based MIME mail client with PGP support
 sane-backends-1.0.23 API for access to scanners, digital cameras, frame 
grabbers, etc
 vim-share-7.3.1140  Data files for the vim editor (vi clone)
 jpeg-9              IJG's jpeg compression utilities
 tex-ae-1.4          Virtual fonts for T1 encoded CMR-fonts
 spectrwm-2.3.0      Small dynamic tiling window manager for X11
 scrot-0.8nb20       Commandline screen capture util like "import", but using 
 imlib2-1.4.5nb7     Image manipulation library
 tex-lm-2.004nb2     Latin modern fonts in outline formats
 m4-1.4.16nb3        GNU version of UNIX m4 macro language processor
 dbus-1.6.12nb1      Message bus system
 shared-mime-info-1.1 Core database of common types
 atk-2.8.0           Set of interfaces for accessibility
 osabi-NetBSD-6.1.1  Operating System version dummy-package
 p5-gettext-1.05nb9  Perl5 module interface to C I18N functions
 help2man-1.43.3     Generate simple manual pages from program output
 libf2c-20090201nb3  f2c Fortran support library
 blas-1.1nb2         Basic Linear Algebra Subprograms (Fortran)
 lapack-3.1.1nb4     Linear Algebra PACKage
 py27-expat-2.7.5    Python interface to expat
 irssi-0.8.15nb8     Secure and modular IRC client with text mode user interface
 poppler-0.24.0      PDF rendering library
 pangox-compat-0.0.1nb4 Backwards compatibility library for pango X support
 AnonymousPro-1.001  Fixed width Sans designed especially for Coders
 wxGTK24-2.4.2nb34   GTK-based implementation of the wxWidgets GUI library
 lua-alt-getopt-0.7.0nb1 Lua API for getopt similar to getopt_long(3)
 libyaml-0.1.4       YAML 1.1 parser and emitter written in C
 libao-1.1.0         Cross-platform audio library
 libidn-1.28         Internationalized Domain Names command line tool
 minetest-engine-0.4.7 InfiniMiner/Minecraft-inspired game (the engine)
 dmenu-4.5           Dynamic menu for X
 libgcrypt-1.5.3     GNU cryptographic library
 shtk-1.3            Application toolkit for POSIX-compliant shell scripts
 vim-7.3.1140        Vim editor (vi clone) without GUI
 popt-1.16nb1        Command line option parsing library
 viewnior-1.3nb4     Viewnior is a fast and simple image viewer
 GeoIP-1.4.8         Find the country from any IP address
 libXft-2.3.1nb3     Library for configuring and customizing font access
 nspr-4.10nb1        Platform-neutral API for system level and libc like 
 p5-Data-AMF-0.09nb2 Serialise/deserialise AMF Packets
 nspluginwrapper-1.2.2nb22 Use Netscape compatible plugins from other platforms
 xpdfopen-0.82       Commands to control Acrobat Reader, xpdf, and evince
 p7zip-9.20.1        File archiver with high compression
 fetchmail-6.3.22nb1 Batch mail retrieval/forwarding utility for pop2, pop3, 
apop, imap
 openexr-2.0.1       High dynamic-range (HDR) image file format library and 
 lzo-2.06            Portable lossless data compression library
 libcfg+-0.6.2nb3    Command line and configuration file parsing library
 lua-5.2.2           Powerful light-weight language for extending applications
 gle-3.1.0nb3        GL subroutines for drawing tubing and extrusions
 p5-MouseX-Types-0.06nb2 Perl 5 module to organize Mouse types in libraries
 tex-ms-2009         Various LaTeX packages by Martin Schroeder
 g95-0.93nb3         Fortran 95 compiler from
 audacity-1.2.6nb23  Audio editor
 transmission-2.77   Free, lightweight BitTorrent client
 rpm2pkg-3.2.3       Convert RPM archives to NetBSD packages
 autoconf213-2.13nb3 Generates automatic source code configuration scripts (old 
 libevent-2.0.21nb2  Asynchronous event notification library
 libid3tag-0.15.1bnb2 ID3 tag library, part of MAD (MPEG Audio Decoder)
 libmad-0.15.1bnb1   High-quality MPEG audio decoder
 db4-4.8.30          Berkeley DB version 4 from Oracle
 tex-bera-2010nb1    Bera fonts
 libxml2-2.9.1       XML parser library from the GNOME project
 tex-eco-1.3         Oldstyle numerals using EC fonts
 suse32_krb5-12.1nb1 Linux 32-bit compatibility package for kerberos libraries
 zip-3.0nb2          Create/update ZIP files compatible with pkzip
 libltdl-2.4.2       Generic shared library support (libltdl abstraction 
 sqlite3-3.7.17      SQL Database Engine in a C Library
 ilmbase-2.0.1       High dynamic-range (HDR) image file format library and 
 libIDL-0.8.14nb4    CORBA Interface Definition Language parser
 libvpx-1.1.0nb3     On2 VP8 library from Google
 surfraw-2.2.8nb2    Shell Users' Revolutionary Front Rage Against the Web
 flex-2.5.36nb1      Fast clone of lex(1), the lexical scanner generator
 p5-Font-AFM-1.20nb5 Perl5 modules for parsing PostScript font metrics files
 xdotool-2.20110530.1 Simulate keyboard input and mouse activity using X11 
xtest extension
 p5-Crypt-SSLeay-0.64nb2 Crypt::SSLeay - OpenSSL glue that provides LWP https 
 cmus-2.5.0          Cmus is a small, fast and powerful text mode music player
 netcat-1.10nb3      Read and write data across network connections
 chkrootkit-0.49     Locally checks for signs of a rootkit
 arpack-96           Library of subroutines to solve eigenvalue problems
 tex-fp-2010         Fixed point arithmetic
 p5-Compress-Raw-Bzip2-2.060nb1 Perl5 low-level interface to bzip2 compression 
 p5-Compress-Raw-Zlib-2.060nb1 Perl5 module interface to the zlib compression 
 p5-Net-HTTP-6.06nb1 Perl 5 module for low-level HTTP connections (client)
 p5-IO-HTML-0.04nb1  Open an HTML file with automatic charset detection
 p5-LWP-MediaTypes-6.02nb2 Guess media type for a file or a URL
 p5-Encode-Locale-1.03nb2 Determine the locale encoding for Encode
 p5-HTTP-Date-6.02nb2 Perl 5 module providing date conversion routines
 p5-Tie-IxHash-1.22nb4 Perl module that implements ordered in-memory 
associative arrays
 hunspell-1.3.2nb2   Improved spellchecker
 p5-Mozilla-CA-20130114nb1 Mozilla's CA cert bundle for Perl
 libcroco-0.6.8      Toolkit to parse and manipulate CSS (Cascading Style 
 tex-fourier-1.3nb1  Using Utopia fonts in LaTeX documents
 libglade-2.6.4nb18  Runtime interpreter for GLADE GUI files
 ghostscript-fonts-8.11nb3 Postscript fonts for Aladdin Ghostscript
 emacs-24.3          Meta-package for installing the preferred Emacs version
 libpaper-1.1.24     Paper size handling library
 ghostscript-9.05nb6 Meta-package for installing the preferred ghostscript 
 gnutls-3.2.3        GNU Transport Layer Security library
 xscreensaver-5.22   Screen saver and locker for the X window system
 bitlbee-3.2nb1      IRC to other chat networks gateway
 tex-amsfonts-3.03   TeX fonts from the American Mathematical Society
 tex-seminar-1.5     Make overhead slides
 p5-Socket6-0.23nb4  Perl5 module to support getaddrinfo() and getnameinfo()
 wpa_supplicant-2.0  Wireless connection client daemon for WPA, WPA2, and WEP
 libao-oss-1.1.0     Cross-platform audio library (OSS plugin)
 bsdtar-2.8.4nb1     Fast multi-format tape archiver
 hicolor-icon-theme-0.12 Standard icon theme called hicolor
 libmodplug-  Library for decoding mod-like music formats
 dconf-0.16.0        Backend for gsettings
 gsed-4.2.2nb4       GNU implementation of sed, the POSIX stream editor
 fatback-1.3nb1      Recover deleted files from FAT filesystems
 tex-mhchem-3.08     Typeset chemical formulae/equations and Risk and Safety 
 nss-3.15.1          Libraries to support development of security-enabled 
 libotf-0.9.13nb2    Library for handling OpenType fonts (OTF)
 sc-6.21nb2          Curses-based spreadsheet program
 texi2html-5.0nb3    Texinfo-to-HTML direct translator
 cairo-1.12.14nb4    Vector graphics library with cross-device output support
 p5-enum-1.016nb5    Enumerations for Perl
 vala018-0.18.1      Compiler for the GObject type system
 tex-skaknew-2010nb1 LaTeX skak chess fonts redone in Adobe Type 1
 tex-chessfss-1.2a   LaTeX package to handle chess fonts
 libtheora-1.1.1nb2  Video codec for Ogg multimedia streaming
 tex-skak-1.5        LaTeX fonts and macros for typesetting chess games
 tex-xargs-1.1       Define commands with many optional arguments
 aiksaurus-1.2.1     English-language thesaurus
 libass-0.10.1nb2    Portable subtitle renderer for the ASS/SSA subtitle format
 libsndfile-1.0.25   Library for reading and writing audio files
 qemu-1.6.0nb1       CPU emulator using dynamic translation
 p5-Net-SSLeay-1.54nb1 Perl5 module for using OpenSSL
 p5-UNIVERSAL-require-0.13nb4 Perl module to require() from a variable
 aircrack-ng-1.2b1   Tools for auditing wireless networks
 poppler-includes-0.24.0 Poppler Xpdf includes (unsupported)
 p5-Math-Round-0.06nb4 Perl extension for rounding numbers
 speex-1.2rc1nb1     Open-source, patent-free voice codec
 ps2pkm-1.5nb3       Tool to convert PostSCript fonts into TeX PK fonts
 makeindexk-2.15nb4  General purpose hierarchical index generator
 tex-latexconfig-2012 Files used to generate LaTeX formats
 tex-latex-fonts-2009 Collection of fonts used in LaTeX distributions
 dvipsk-5.992        DVI-to-PostScript translator
 SDL-1.2.15nb7       Simple DirectMedia Layer, a cross-platform multimedia 
 tradcpp-0.4         Traditional (K&R-style) C preprocessor
 eagle-4.16r2        Easy to use printed circuit board editor
 p5-List-MoreUtils-0.33nb2 Provide the stuff missing in List::Util
 gettext-tools- Tools for providing messages in different languages
 p5-Test-Exception-0.32 Test exception based code
 libstroke-0.5.1nb4  Stroke translation library
 libtasn1-3.1        ASN.1 structure parser library
 gd-2.0.35nb15       Graphics library for the dynamic creation of images
 tex-pst-eps-1.0     Create EPS files from PSTricks figures
 p5-Sub-Install-0.926nb2 Install subroutines into packages easily
 p5-Module-Runtime-0.013nb2 Deal with runtime handling of Perl modules
 p5-Class-Singleton-1.4nb5 Perl module to implement Singleton classes
 suse32_libcurl-12.1nb1 Linux 32-bit compatibility package for libcurl
 links-2.7nb1        Lynx-like text WWW browser
 p5-Params-Util-1.07nb2 Simple standalone param-checking functions
 p5-pkgsrc-Dewey-1.1nb4 Perl module to compare pkgsrc Dewey numbers
 nettle-2.7.1        Cryptographic library
 mplayer-fonts-20030714nb1 Fonts for mplayer and gmplayer
 aspell-  Spell checker with good multi-language support
 cdparanoia- CDDA reading utility with extra data verification 
 libdv-1.0.0nb1      DV video codec library
 libdvdread-4.2.0    DVD access library
 libdvdnav-4.2.0     Library to navigate DVDs
 faad2-2.7nb1        AAC decoding library
 moc-devel-2.5.0b1   Curses based console audio player
 fftw-3.3.3nb2       Collection of fast C routines to compute DFTs
 xvidcore-1.3.2      ISO MPEG-4 compliant video codec
 getopt-1.1.5        Program to help shell scripts parse command-line parameters
 mng-1.0.10nb3       Multiple-image Network Graphics (MNG) reference library
 lcms2-2.5           Little Color Management System -- a color management 
 babl-0.1.10         Dynamic pixel conversion library
 jasper-1.900.1nb7   Software-based reference implementation of the JPEG-2000 
 p5-Test-Requires-0.06nb2 Perl 5 module to test if a module can be loaded
 at-spi2-core-2.8.0nb1 Assistive Technology Service Provider Interface Core
 libart-2.3.21       High-performance 2D graphics library
 libexif-0.6.21      EXIF file library
 guile-1.8.8nb3      GNU's Ubiquitous Intelligent Language for Extension
 geda-1.6.2nb17      Toolset for automating electronic design
 fuse-ext2-0.0.7nb1  FUSE file-system to mount ext2 and ext3 file system
 lzma-4.65           LZMA compression utility from 7zip
 jbigkit-2.0         JBIG-KIT lossless image compression library
 tex-pdfpages-0.4n   Include PDF documents in LaTeX
 unclutter-8nb1      Remove idle cursor image from screen
 kpathsea-6.1.0nb1   Path searching library for TeX-related files
 dviljk-2.6.5nb3     DVI driver for the LaserJet printers using kpathsea
 tex-glyphlist-2.84  Adobe glyph list
 mpfr-3.1.2          GMP-based library for multiple-precision floating-point 
 tex-dvipdfmx-def-3.0i Driver-dependent file for DVIPDFMx
 tex-dvipdfmx-2010.20279 Supplementary files for dvipdfmx
 tex-dvips-2012      Files for a DVI to PostScript driver
 libwmf-  Library for reading and converting WMF (Windows Meta Files)
 tex-kpathsea-2012nb1 Translation tables for TeX
 tex-texconfig-2012  Configuration utility for TeX
 tex-tetex-3.0.27774nb2 Supplementary files for updmap
 lcms-1.19nb3        Little Color Management System -- a color management 
 glib2-2.36.4        Some useful routines for C programming (glib2)
 feh-2.9.3           Advanced image viewer
 tex-hyphen-base-2012 TeX hyphenation patterns for English
 tex-misc-2012       Miscellaneous files for TeX
 tex-plain-3.141592653.26647 The Plain TeX format
 tex-latex-2012      TeX macro package that defines LaTeX
 p5-Digest-SHA1-2.13nb5 Perl5 module for SHA1
 ptexenc-1.3.0       Library for Japanese pTeX and its tools
 tex-cweb-3.64ad     Web system in C
 tex-pdftex-1.40.11pl27932 TeX extension for direct creation of PDF
 tex-latex-bin-2012  LaTeX executables
 t1lib-5.1.2nb6      Library for generating bitmaps from Adobe Type 1 fonts
 texlive-tetex-2011nb3 Scripts included in teTeX
 giflib-5.0.4nb1     GIF image format library
 dvipng-1.14nb5      Convert TeX DVI files to PNG or GIF
 zziplib-0.13.59     Library for ZIP archive handling
 portaudio-18.1nb3   Portable cross-platform Audio API
 icu-51.2            Robust and full-featured Unicode services
 tex-metapost-1.212  Development of MetaFont for creating graphics
 tex-luatex-0.70.1pl26689 LuaTeX basic definition package
 tex-tipa-1.3nb2     Fonts and macros for IPA phonetics characters
 pango-1.34.1nb3     Library for layout and rendering of text
 tex-ntgclass-2010   European versions of standard classes
 tex-a4wide-2010nb1  Wide a4 layout for LaTeX
 tex-a5comb-4        A5 paper sizes support for LaTeX
 tex-acromake-2009   Make commands for acronyms in LaTeX
 tex-advdate-2010    LaTeX package to print a date relative to "today"
 tex-anonchap-1.1a   LaTeX style to make chapters be typeset like sections
 yasm-1.2.0          Complete rewrite of the NASM assembler with BSD license
 tex-float-1.3d      Improved interface for floating objects
 asciidoc-8.6.8      ASCII to formatted document converter
 tex-pdftex-def-0.06d Color and graphics support for PDFTeX
 tex-graphics-1.0onb1 Standard LaTeX graphics
 tex-tools-2012      The LaTeX standard tools bundle
 tex-algorithms-2009 Suite of tools for typesetting algorithms in pseudo-code
 suse32_base-12.1nb5 Linux 32-bit compatibility package
 suse32_freetype2-12.1nb2 Linux 32-bit compatibility package for freetype-2.x
 tex-bbold-type1-2011nb1 Adobe Type 1 format version of the bbold font
 tex-bbold-1.01      Sans serif blackboard bold
 suse32_x11-12.1     Linux 32-bit compatibility package for X11
 tex-xcolor-2.11     Driver-independent color extensions for LaTeX and pdfLaTeX
 tex-xkeyval-2.6a    Macros for setting keys and class or package options
 tex-pgf-2.10        PostScript and PDF graphics systems for TeX
 tex-beamer-3.10     LaTeX class for producing presentations and slides
 tex-bezos-2010      Packages by Javier Bezos
 tex-bibtex-0.99d    Reference management software for LaTeX
 libxslt-1.1.28nb1   XSLT parser library from the GNOME project
 tex-block-2009      LaTeX block letter style for the letter class
 tex-bibtopic-1.1a   Include multiple bibliographies in a document
 suse32_libpng-12.1nb3 Linux 32-bit compatibility package for PNG
 suse32_expat-12.1nb2 Linux 32-bit compatibility package for expat
 suse32_fontconfig-12.1 Linux 32-bit compatibility package for fontconfig
 tex-bold-extra-0.1  LaTeX package to use bold small caps and typewriter fonts
 tex-booktabs-1.61803 Publication quality tables in LaTeX
 tex-boxedminipage-2009 LaTeX package for producing framed minipages
 tex-braket-2009     Dirac bra-ket and set notations for LaTeX
 tex-breakcites-2010 LaTeX package to a line break in multiple citations
 tex-cancel-2.0      LaTeX package to place lines through maths formulae
 tex-capt-of-2009    Captions on more than floats
 tex-captdef-2009    Declare free-standing \caption commands
 tex-footmisc-5.5a   Range of footnote options
 py27-sqlite2-2.6.3nb5 SQLite database adapter for Python
 tex-koma-script-3.09 Bundle of versatile classes and packages
 tex-caption-3.1m    Customising captions in floating environments
 tex-cases-2.5       Numbered cases environment for LaTeX
 imake-1.0.6         Imake and other utilities from modular
 tex-changebar-3.5c  Generate changebars in LaTeX documents
 tex-chbibref-1.0    LaTeX package to change the Bibliography/References title
 tex-chngcntr-1.0a   LaTeX package to change the resetting of counters
 tex-changepage-1.0c Margin adjustment and detection of odd/even pages
 tex-circle-2009     Maths mode circles for temporal logic
 tex-cite-5.3        Improved citation handling in LaTeX
 tex-cmcyr-2009nb1   Computer Modern fonts with cyrillic extensions
 tex-avantgar-2010.21993 Avantgarde font
 tex-bookman-2010.21993 Bookman font
 tex-charter-2010    Charter fonts
 tex-cm-super-0.3.4nb1 CM-Super family of fonts
 tex-cmextra-2010    Extra Computer Modern fonts
 tex-dvipdfm-0.13.2dnb4 Supplementary files for dvipdfm
 tex-enctex-2009     TeX extension for flexible input/output reencoding
 tex-etex-pkg-2.0    E-TeX support package
 tex-hyph-utf8-2010.21077 Hyphenation patterns expressed in UTF-8
 tex-ifluatex-1.3pl26725 The \ifluatex switch for TeX
 mpc-0.21            Command-line client for musicpd
 tex-ifxetex-0.6     TeX package to determine if running under XeTeX
 tiff-4.0.3nb5       Library and tools for reading and writing TIFF data files
 tex-makeindex-2.12nb1 Style files for makeindex
 tex-metafont-2012   METAFONT system for specifying fonts
 tex-mflogo-2009nb1  LaTeX support for MetaFont logo fonts
 tex-mfware-2009     Supporting tools for use with MetaFont
 tex-tex-3.1415926   Plain TeX format
 tex-texlive-scripts-2011 TeX Live infrastructure programs
 tex-xdvi-22.84.16nb1 Configuration file for xdvik
 tex-collection-basic-2010.20730 Essential programs and files for TeX
 tex-courier-2010.21993 Adobe Type 1 "free" copies of Courier
 tex-euro-1.1        Provide Euro values for national currency amounts
 tex-euro-ce-2010    Euro and CE sign font
 tex-eurofont-1.1.3nb1 Provides a command that prints a euro symbol
 tex-eurosans-2.1    Interface to Adobe's sans-serif Euro font
 tex-eurosym-1.4nb1  MetaFont and macros for Euro sign
 tex-fpl-1.002       SC and OsF fonts for URW Palladio L
 tex-helvetic-2010.21993 Adobe Helvetica fonts
 automake-1.14       GNU Standards-compliant Makefile generator
 tex-marvosym-2.1nb1 Martin Vogel's Symbols font
 tex-mathpazo-1.003  Fonts to typeset mathematics to match Palatino
 tex-ncntrsbk-2010.21993 New Century Schoolbook fonts
 tex-palatino-2010.21993 Palatino font family for TeX
 tex-pxfonts-2010nb1 Palatino-like fonts in support of mathematics
 tex-rsfs-2009nb1    Ralph Smith's Formal Script font
 tex-symbol-2008.7340 Symbol fonts for TeX
 tex-amsmath-2.13nb2 AMS mathematical facilities for LaTeX
 tex-tex-gyre-2.004nb1 TeX Fonts extending freely available URW fonts
 gegl-0.2.0nb13      Graph based image processing framework
 tex-times-2010.21993 Select Adobe Times Roman (or equivalent) as default font
 tex-umlaute-2.1     German input encodings in LaTeX
 tex-txfonts-2009nb1 Times-like fonts in support of mathematics
 tex-utopia-2010     Adobe Utopia fonts
 tex-wasy-2009nb1    Waldi's symbol fonts
 tex-wasysym-2.0     LaTeX support file to use the WASY2 fonts
 tex-zapfchan-2010.21993 Zapf Chancery fonts
 tex-zapfding-2008.7340 Dingbat typeface designed by Hermann Zapf
 tex-collection-fontsrecommended-2010 Recommended fonts for TeX
 tex-epsf-2.7.4      Simple macros for EPS inclusion
 tex-fontname-2010   Scheme for naming fonts in TeX
 tex-moreverb-2.3a   Extended verbatim
 tex-genmisc-2010    Miscellaneous files for generic TeX packages
 tex-kastrup-2010    Expansible conversion into binary-based number systems
 tex-multido-1.42    Loop facility for Generic TeX
 tex-path-3.03b      LaTeX package to typeset paths
 tex-tex-ps-2010     TeX to PostScript generic macros and add-ons
 tex-ulem-2010.21840 Package for underlining
 tex-collection-genericrecommended-2010 Recommended generic packages
 tex-url-3.2         Verbatim with URL-sensitive line breaks
 tex-amscls-2010.20248nb1 AMS document classes for LaTeX
 tex-carlisle-2010   LaTeX packages created by David Carlisle
 tex-babel-3.8lnb2   Multilingual support for Plain TeX or LaTeX
 tex-babelbib-1.29   Multilingual bibliographies
 tex-colortbl-0.1nb1 LaTeX package to add color to tables
 tex-fancyhdr-3.1nb1 Extensive control of page headers and footers in LaTeX2e
 tex-fix2col-2009    Fix miscellaneous two column mode features
 tex-geometry-5.6    Flexible and complete interface to document dimensions
 tex-hyperref-6.82a  Extensive support for hypertext in LaTeX
 tex-beton-2010      Use Concrete fonts
 tex-euler-2.5       Use AMS Euler fonts for math
 tex-cmsd-2010       Interfaces to the CM Sans Serif Bold fonts
 tex-notoccite-2009  Prevent trouble from citations in table of contents, etc
 tex-placeins-2.2    TeX command to control float placement
 tex-minitoc-60      Produce a table of contents for each chapter, part or 
 tex-natbib-8.31b    Flexible bibliography support for BibTeX
 tex-psnfss-9.2anb4  Font support for common PostScript fonts
 tex-ltxmisc-2010.21927 Miscellaneous LaTeX packages
 tex-mfnfss-2009     Packages to typeset oldgerman and pandora fonts in LaTeX
 tex-mptopdf-2012    Script to convert mpost to PDF
 tex-pslatex-2009    Use PostScript fonts by default
 tex-comment-3.6     Allows selected environments to be included/excluded
 tex-pspicture-2009  PostScript picture support
 tex-collection-latex-2010 Basic LaTeX packages
 tex-texdoc-2011nb2  Documentation access for TeX distributions
 gtk2-engines-2.20.2nb14 Theme engines for GTK+ version 2
 TECkit-2.5.1nb1     Low-level toolkit to perform encoding conversions
 tex-context-2010nb1 The ConTeXt macro package
 tex-soul-2.4        Hyphenation for letterspacing, underlining, and more
 tex-psfrag-3.04     Replace strings in encapsulated PostScript figures
 tex-cyrillic-2010   Support for Cyrillic fonts in LaTeX
 tex-dblfloatfix-1.0 Fixes for twocolumn floats
 tex-ec-1.0          Computer modern fonts in T1 and TS1 encodings
 tex-eepic-1.1e      Extensions to epic and the LaTeX drawing tools
 tex-endfloat-2.4i   Move floats to the end with markers where they belong
 tex-endnotes-2009   LaTeX package to place footnotes at the end
 tex-enumitem-2.2    Control layout of itemize, enumerate, and description
 tex-esint-1.1       Extended set of integrals for Computer Modern
 tex-eso-pic-2.0cnb1 Add picture commands (or backgrounds) to every page
 tex-exam-2.4        Package for typesetting exam scripts
 tex-fncylab-1.0     LaTeX package to alter the format of \label references
 tex-excludeonly-1.0 LaTeX package to prevent files being \include-ed
 tex-extsizes-1.4a   Extend the standard LaTeX classes' size options
 tex-fancybox-1.4    Variants of \fbox and other games with boxes
 tex-fancyvrb-2.8    Sophisticated verbatim text
 tex-fnpara-2009     LaTeX package to typeset footnotes in paragraphs
 tex-framed-0.95     Framed or shaded regions that can break across pages
 tex-ftcap-1.4       Allows \caption at the beginning of a table-environment
 tex-fwlw-2010       Get first and last words of a page
 tex-gustlib-2010    Polish oriented macros
 tex-hypernat-1.0b   Allow hyperref and natbib to work together
 tex-hyphen-basque-2010nb1 Hyphenation for Basque
 tex-hyphen-bulgarian-2010nb1 Hyphenation patterns for Bulgarian
 tex-hyphen-catalan-2010nb1 Hyphenation patterns for Catalan
 tex-hyphen-croatian-2010nb1 Croatian hyphenation
 tex-hyphen-czech-2010nb1 Hyphenation patterns for Czech
 tex-hyphen-danish-2010nb1 Danish hyphenation patterns
 tex-ruhyphen-1.6    Russian hyphenation
 tex-hyphen-dutch-2010nb1 Hyphenation patterns for Dutch
 tex-hyphen-esperanto-2010nb1 Hyphenation patterns for Esperanto
 tex-hyphen-estonian-2010nb1 Hyphenation patterns for Estonian
 tex-hyphen-finnish-2010nb1 Hyphenation patterns for Finnish language
 tex-hyphen-french-2010nb1 Hyphenation patterns for French
 tex-hyphen-german-2009 Hyphenation patterns for German
 tex-hyphen-greek-5nb1 Hyphenation for Greek text
 tex-hyphen-hungarian-2010nb1 New Hungarian hyphenation patterns
 tex-hyphen-icelandic-2010nb1 Icelandic hyphenation patterns
 tex-hyphen-indonesian-2010nb1 Hyphenation patterns for Indonesian
 tex-hyphen-irish-2010nb1 Hyphenation patterns for Irish
 tex-hyphen-italian-4.8gnb1 Hyphenation patterns for the Italian language
 tex-hyphen-latin-3.1nb1 Hyphenation patterns for the Latin language
 tex-hyphen-norwegian-2010nb1 Hyphenation patterns for Norwegian
 tex-hyphen-polish-3.0anb1 Hyphenation for Polish
 tex-hyphen-portuguese-2010nb1 Hyphenation patterns for Portuguese
 tex-hyphen-romanian-2010nb1 Hyphenation patterns for Romanian
 tex-hyphen-russian-2010nb2 Hyphenation patterns for Russian
 tex-hyphen-serbian-1.0anb1 Hyphenation patterns for Serbian Cyrillic
 tex-hyphen-slovak-2010nb1 Hyphenation patterns for Slovak
 tex-hyphen-slovenian-2010nb1 Hyphenation patterns for Slovenian
 tex-hyphen-spanish-4.5 Hyphenation patterns for Spanish
 tex-hyphen-swedish-2010nb1 Hyphenation patterns for Swedish
 tex-hyphen-turkish-2010nb1 Hyphenation patterns for Turkish
 tex-ukrhyph-2010    Hyphenation pattern files for Ukrainian
 tex-hyphen-ukrainian-2010nb2 Hyphenation patterns for Ukrainian
 tex-hyphenat-2.3c   Disable/enable hypenation in LaTeX
 tex-ifmtarg-1.2anb1 If-then-else command for processing potentially empty 
 tex-jurabib-0.6     BibTeX citation support for the humanities and legal texts
 tex-index-4.1beta   Reimplementation of LaTeX's indexing macros
 tex-kix-2010        Typeset KIX codes
 tex-lambda-2008.7340 LaTeX for Omega
 tex-lastpage-1.2g   Reference last page for Page N of M type footers
 tex-listing-1.2     Produce formatted program listings
 tex-listings-1.4nb1 Typeset source code listings using LaTeX
 tex-lh-3.5g         Cyrillic fonts that support LaTeX standard encodings
 tex-ly1-2010.21086  Support for LY1 LaTeX encoding
 tex-magaz-0.2       Magazine layout
 tex-manfnt-2009nb1  LaTeX support for the TeX book symbols
 tex-mdwtools-1.05.4 Miscellaneous LaTeX tools by Mark Wooding
 tex-memoir-3.6gpl6.0g Typeset fiction, non-fiction and mathematical books
 tex-microtype-2.4   Interface to the micro-typographic features of pdfTeX
 tex-midpage-1.1a    Environment for vertical centring
 tex-multirow-1.6    Create tabular cells spanning multiple rows
 tex-needspace-1.3c  Insert pagebreak if not enough space
 tex-nextpage-1.1a   Generalisations of the page advance commands
 tex-nomencl-3.1a    Produce lists of symbols as in nomenclature
 tex-2up-1.3         TeX package to print a document two-up
 tex-oubraces-2010   Braces over and under a formula
 tex-paralist-2.3b   Enumerate and itemize within paragraphs
 tex-pstricks-2.33   PostScript macros for TeX
 tex-picinpar-1.2a   Insert pictures into paragraphs
 tex-placeins-plain-2.0 Insertions that keep their place
 tex-preprint-2009   Bundle of LaTeX packages provided as-is
 tex-preview-11.86   Extract bits of a LaTeX source for output
 tex-printlen-1.1a   Print lengths using specified units
 gtk2+-2.24.20       GIMP Toolkit v2 - libraries for building X11 user 
 tex-ifplatform-0.3a Conditionals to test which platform is being used
 tex-auto-pst-pdf-0.6 Wrapper for pst-pdf (with some psfrag features)
 tex-pst-pdf-1.1vnb2 Make PDF versions of graphics by processing between runs
 tex-pst-node-1.15   Draw connections using pstricks
 tex-psgo-0.17       Typeset go diagrams with PSTricks
 tex-pst-3d-1.10     PSTricks package for tilting and other pseudo-3D tricks
 tex-pst-plot-1.26   Plot data using PSTricks
 tex-pst-3dplot-1.94 Draw 3d curves and graphs using PSTricks
 tex-pst-blur-2.0    PSTricks package for "blurred" shadows
 tex-pst-circ-2.01   PSTricks package for drawing electric circuits
 tex-pst-coil-1.03   PSTricks package for coils, etc
 teTeX-3.0nb11       Thomas Esser's TeX distribution for UNIX compatible systems
 tex-pst-fill-1.01   Fill or tile areas with PSTricks
 tex-pst-ghsb-2010   PSTricks package for HSB gradients
 tex-pst-gr3d-1.34   Three dimensional grids with PSTricks
 tex-pst-grad-1.06   Filling with colour gradients, using PStricks
 tex-pst-geo-2.03    Geographical Projections
 tex-pst-lens-1.02   Lenses with PSTricks
 tex-pst-math-0.61   Enhancement of PostScript math operators to use with 
 tex-pst-osci-2.82   Oscgons with PSTricks
 tex-pst-poly-1.61   Polygons with PSTricks
 tex-pst-slpe-1.3    Sophisticated colour gradients
 tex-pst-text-1.00   Text and character manipulation in PSTricks
 tex-pst-tree-1.12   Trees, using pstricks
 tex-pst-uml-0.83    UML diagrams with PSTricks
 tex-pst-vue3d-1.24  Draw perspective views of three dimensional objects
 tex-pstricks-add-3.51 Collection of add-ons and bugfixes for PSTricks
 tex-relsize-3.1     Set the font size relative to the current font size
 tex-rotating-2.16b  Rotation tools including rotated full-page floats
 tex-sansmath-1.1    Maths in a sans font
 tex-sectsty-2.0.2   Control sectional headers
 tex-selectp-1.0     Select pages to be output
 tex-xcomment-1.3    Allows selected environments to be included/excluded
 raptor2-2.0.9       RDF Parser Toolkit written in C
 tex-setspace-6.7nb1 Set space between lines
 tex-subfig-1.3      Figures broken into subfigures
 tex-stmaryrd-2010nb1 St Mary Road symbols for theoretical computer science
 tex-subfigure-2.1.5 Figures divided into subfigures (obsoleted by tex-subfig)
 libmpcdec-1.2.6     Portable Musepack decoder library
 tex-supertabular-4.1a Multi-page tables package
 tex-tabls-3.5       Better vertical spacing in tables and arrays
 gperf-3.0.4         GNU perfect hash function generator
 tex-threeparttable-2009 LaTeX tables with captions and notes all the same width
 tex-titlesec-2.8    Select alternative section titles
 tex-tocbibind-1.5k  Add bibliography/index/contents to Table of Contents
 tex-tocloft-2.3e    Control table of contents, figures, etc. for LaTeX
 tex-twoinone-2009   LaTeX style to print two pages on a single page
 tex-type1cm-0.03    Arbitrary size font selection in LaTeX
 musicpd-0.17.4      Remote controllable audio player
 tex-verbdef-0.2     Define commands which expand to verbatim text
 tex-version-2.0     Conditionally include text
 tex-vertbars-1.0b   Mark vertical rules in margin of text
 tex-vruler-2.3nb1   Numbering text
 tex-wrapfig-3.6nb1  LaTeX package to produce figures which text can flow around
 tex-xtab-2.3f       Break tables across pages
 tex-xypic-3.8.5nb1  Flexible diagramming macros
 tex-ntheorem-1.31   Enhanced theorem environment for LaTeX
 libflashsupport-1.1 Additional Interface Support for Linux Flash Player
 dialog-1.2.20130523 Display dialog boxes from shell scripts
 tex-a2ping-2.77pnb2 Advanced PS, PDF, EPS converter
 p5-Business-ISBN-2.05nb4 Perl5 module to work with International Standard Book 
Numbers (ISBNs)
 p5-HTML-Tagset-3.20nb5 Perl5 module of data tables useful in parsing HTML
 p5-HTML-Parser-3.71nb1 Perl5 module to parse HTML text documents
 mplayer-share-1.1.1 Documentation used by mplayer and gmplayer
 m17n-lib-1.6.4nb5   Multilingualization library
 mplayer-1.1.1       Fast, cross-platform movie player
 p5-Tk-804.031       Perl5 interface to Tk
 tex-environ-0.2     New interface for environments in LaTeX
 libspectre-0.2.7nb7 Small library for rendering Postscript documents
 tex-pdftools-0.82nb2 PDF-related utilities, including PostScript-to-PDF 
 teTeX-bin-3.0nb53   TeX distribution for UNIX compatible systems - binaries
 libshout-2.2.2      Connects and sends data to icecast servers
 hsetroot-1.0.2nb14  Allows you to compose wallpapers for X
 ncmpc-0.18nb4       Curses client for Music Player Daemon
 id3lib-3.8.3nb5     Library for manipulating ID3v1 and ID3v2 tags
 id3v2-0.1.12        Command line editor for id3v2 tags
 p5-Test-Tester-0.108nb2 Perl5 module to ease testing test modules built with 
 p5-Business-ISBN-Data-20120719.001nb1 Data for the p5-Business-ISBN package
 fribidi-0.19.5nb2   Free Implementation of the Unicode Bidirectional Algorithm
 gtar-base-1.26nb2   The GNU tape archiver with remote magnetic tape support
 p5-Perl4-CoreLibs-0.003nb2 Libraries historically supplied with Perl 4
 p5-Locale-libintl-1.23nb1 Perl internationalization library
 autoconf-2.69nb2    Generates automatic source code configuration scripts
 terminus-font-4.38nb1 Clean, fixed-width font
 p5-Net-LibIDN-0.12nb5 Perl bindings for GNU Libidn
 fontconfig-2.10.93nb2 Library for configuring and customizing font access
 p5-Devel-PPPort-3.20nb2 Perl5 module to bring newer features to older perl
 p5-XML-Parser-2.41nb2 Perl extension interface to James Clark's XML parser, 
 scons-2.2.0         Python-based, open-source build system
 djvulibre-lib- Compression library for scanned documents
 boost-libs-1.53.0   Free, peer-reviewed portable C++ source libraries (binary 
 libmms-0.6.2        Library for parsing mms:// and mmsh:// type network streams
 x264-devel-20130703 GPL licensed H.264 encoder
 m17n-db-1.6.4       The m17n database used by the m17n library
 p5-Any-Moose-0.21   Perl extension to check dependencies on Moose or Mouse
 plotutils-2.6nb4    Programs and library for plotting scientific data
 tex-epstopdf-2.16nb3 Convert EPS to 'encapsulated' PDF using GhostScript
 librsvg-2.36.4nb4   SVG library for GNOME2
 gsftopkk-1.19.2nb3  Tool to convert bitmaps to .pk format
 ttmkfdir2-20021109nb6 Tool that creates a fonts.scale file
 lame-3.99.5         Fast, high quality MP3 encoder
 ImageMagick- Package for display and interactive manipulation of images
 tex-pdfcrop-1.32nb3 Crop PDF graphics
 suse32_libtiff-12.1nb3 Linux 32-bit compatibility package for TIFF
 p5-URI-1.60nb2      Perl5 Uniform Resource Identifiers class (URI, RFC 2396)
 hunspell-ru_RU-20040406 Russian dictionary for hunspell
 sysupgrade-1.5      Automate upgrades of NetBSD
 p5-IO-Compress-2.060nb1 IO Interface to compressed data files/buffers
 p5-File-Listing-6.04nb2 Perl 5 module providing a directory parser
 p5-HTML-Form-6.03nb2 HTML Form Class that represents an HTML form element
 p5-IO-Socket-INET6-2.70 Perl object interface for AF_INET|AF_INET6 domain 
 libaudiofile-0.3.6  Sound library for SGI audio file
 p5-Data-OptList-0.107nb2 Parse and validate simple name/value option pairs
 p5-Test-Fatal-0.010nb2 Incredibly simple helpers for testing code with 
 p5-DateTime-1.0100nb1 Perl module for date/time sets and ranges
 openssl-1.0.1enb2   Secure Socket Layer and cryptographic library
 libmpdclient-2.6nb1 Asynchronous API library for interfacing MPD
 rxvt-unicode-9.18   Clone of rxvt supporting Xft fonts and Unicode
 p5-Mouse-1.11       Perl module implementing an extension of the perl object 
 qt4-libs-4.8.5      C++ X GUI toolkit
 tex-texlive.infra-2012.27610nb1 Basic TeX Live infrastructure
 cdrtools-3.01alpha17 Software for creating ISO9660 images and writing 
 libtool-base-2.4.2nb5 Generic shared library support script (the script itself)
 neon-0.29.6nb4      HTTP and WebDAV client library
 simh-3.9.0nb4       Bob Supniks historical computer simulator
 xhomer-9.16.06      DEC Pro 350/380 emulator
 ocaml-findlib-1.4nb1 Library finder for OCaml
 suse32_gtk2-12.1nb4 Linux 32-bit compatibility package for GTK+-2.x
 docbook-xsl-1.77.1nb1 Docbook XSL modular stylesheet
 tor-     Anonymizing overlay network for TCP
 p5-WWW-RobotRules-6.02nb2 Perl 5 module database of robots.txt-derived 
 icecast-2.3.2nb8    Live streaming audio server
 p5-HTTP-Server-Simple-0.44nb2 Perl5 module providing a simple standalone HTTP 
 p5-HTTP-Message-6.06nb1 Construct HTTP style messages
 hdf5-       Hierarchical Data Format (new generation)
 py27-setuptools-0.9.8 New Python packaging system
 libusb-0.1.12nb3    USB access library (version 0)
 p5-HTML-Tree-5.03nb1 Perl5 modules for manipulating HTML syntax trees
 ffmpeg-20130728.1.2.2 Decoding, encoding and streaming software
 p5-Test-NoWarnings-1.04nb2 Make sure tests of Perl5 modules did not emit any 
 qt4-tools-4.8.5     QT GUI (WYSIWYG) builder and other tools
 screentest-2.0nb17  CRT/LCD screen testing utility using GTK+
 openjpeg15-1.5.1nb3 JPEG 2000 library
 luatex-0.70.1nb11   Extended version of pdfTeX using Lua
 gimp-2.8.6nb1       The GNU image manipulation program
 gtk3+-3.8.2nb4      GIMP Toolkit v3 - libraries for building X11 user 
 web2c-2012nb10      TeX implementation translating WEB to C
 p5-Package-DeprecationManager-0.13nb1 Perl 5 module to manage deprecation 
 rename-1.3nb2       Rename recursively with regex patterns
 p5-Module-Implementation-0.06nb2 Loads one of several alternate underlying 
 python27-2.7.5nb1   Interpreted, interactive, object-oriented programming 
 py27-sqlite3-2.7.5nb1 Built-in sqlite support for Python 2.5 and up
 openoffice3-3.1.1nb47 Integrated office productivity suite (version 3)
 antiword-0.37nb1    Free MS Word to text and PostScript converter
 pkglint-4.132       Verifier for NetBSD packages
 blender-2.66anb4    Fully integrated 3D graphics creation suite
 xmlrpc-c-ss-1.16.44nb2 Library for writing an XML-RPC server or client in C or 
 xenkernel42-4.2.2   Xen 4.2.x Kernel
 libwww-5.4.0nb12    The W3C Reference Library
 whetstone-1.2       Benchmark for processors that gives you a MIPS rating
 p5-Try-Tiny-0.18    Perl module providing minimal try/catch
 python33-3.3.2nb1   Interpreted, interactive, object-oriented programming 
 openal-0.0.8nb5     3D positional spatialized sound library
 p5-DateTime-Locale-0.45nb4 Localization data for p5-DateTime
 ocaml-4.00.1nb2     The latest implementation of the Caml dialect of ML
 freetype-lib-1.5nb1 TrueType font rendering engine and library API
 gettext-lib- Internationalized Message Handling Library (libintl)
 p5-MIME-Base64-3.14 Perl5 module for Base64 and Quoted-Printable encodings
 py27-curses-2.7.5   Curses module for Python
 p5-Params-Validate-1.06nb2 Validate method/function parameters
 py27-xml-0.8.4nb5   Collection of libraries to process XML with Python
 p5-Sub-Exporter-0.986 Sophisticated exporter for custom-built routines
 cairo-gobject-1.12.14nb4 Vector graphics library with cross-device output 
 xdvik-22.84.16nb4   Previewer for DVI files
 p5-Sub-Uplevel-0.2400nb2 Apparently run a function in a higher stack frame
 xorg-cf-files-1.0.5nb1 Xorg imake rules
 p5-libwww-6.05nb1   Perl5 library for WWW access
 dvipdfmx-20100328nb3 DVI to PDF converter with CID-keyed font support
 p5-HTTP-Negotiate-6.01nb2 Negotiate HTTP service parameters
 get-flash-videos-0.0.20121204nb1 Tool for using various Flash-based video 
hosting sites
 yajl-2.0.1nb1       Small JSON library written in ANSI C
 xentools42-4.2.2nb3 Userland Tools for Xen 4.2.x
 p5-Tree-DAG_Node-1.12 Class for representing nodes in a tree
 py27-cElementTree-2.7.5 C implementation of Python ElementTree API
 gdk-pixbuf2-2.28.2  Image loaders for gtk2
 p5-HTTP-Daemon-6.01nb2 Simple http server class
 p5-HTTP-Cookies-6.01nb2 HTTP cookie jars
 p5-File-Slurp-9999.19nb2 Read/write/append files quickly
 p5-Dist-CheckConflicts-0.08 Perl 5 module to declare version conflicts for 
your dist
 p5-Test-Output-1.01nb2 Utilities to test STDOUT and STDERR messages
 p5-IO-Socket-SSL-1.86nb1 Perl5 SSL socket interface class
 p5-Package-Stash-0.34 Perl 5 module providing routines for manipulating stashes
 py27-last-0.5.11    Python interface to
 py27-munkres- Munkres algorithm for the Assignment Problem
 py27-musicbrainz-ngs-0.4 Python bindings for Musicbrainz' NGS service
 py27-mutagen-1.21   Audio metadata handling for Python
 p5-WWW-Mechanize-1.72nb3 Automates web page form & link interaction
 p5-Class-Load-0.20nb2 Provide a working (require "Class::Name") and more
 p5-DateTime-TimeZone-1.59nb1 Perl module to handle time zone manipulation
 xdvipdfmx- Extended DVI to PDF converter, mainly for use with 
 opencv-      Library for computer vision problems
 py27-yaml-3.10nb1   Collection of libraries to process YAML with Python
 py27-Unidecode-0.04.9 ASCII transliterations of Unicode text
 dev86-0.16.17nb2    Linux 8086 development environment
 inadyn-1.96.2nb1    Dynamic DNS client
 axel-1.0b           HTTP/FTP download accelerator
 gnome-icon-theme-2.30.3nb19 Theme consisting of a set of icons for GNOME
 p5-Test-Warn-0.24nb2 Perl extension to test methods for warnings
 intltool-0.50.2nb2  Internationalization Tool Collection
 libgpg-error-1.12   Definitions of common error values for all GnuPG components
 teTeX-texmf-3.0nb41 Machine-independent part of teTeX
 p5-Package-Stash-XS-0.26 Perl 5 module providing a better correct 
Package::Stash implementation
 tex-oberdiek-2012nb1 Bundle of packages submitted by Heiko Oberdiek
 p5-Archive-Zip-1.30nb4 Perl5 module interface to manipulate zip files
 p5-Test-Deep-0.110nb2 Perl5 module to test deep structures
 p5-Data-Dump-1.21nb2 Pretty printing of data structures
 p5-Test-Trap-0.2.2nb1 Perl extension to trap exit codes, exceptions, output
 rtmpdump-2.4nb1     Tools for handling RTMP stream
 libtool-fortran-2.4.2nb4 Generic shared library support script (the script 
itself, incl. Fortran)
 libwebp-0.2.1nb3    WebP image format library and tools
 xcb-util-wm-0.3.9nb1 Client and window-manager helpers for ICCCM and EWMH
 xcb-util-keysyms-0.3.9nb1 XCB Utilities
 giblib-1.2.4nb16    Programming utility library
 lynx-2.8.7nb5       Alphanumeric display oriented World-Wide Web Client
 p5-Test-LeakTrace-0.14nb2 Perl 5 module to trace memory leaks
 p5-LWP-Protocol-https-6.04 Provide https support for LWP::UserAgent
 dhrystone-2.1nb1    Reinhold Weicker's DHRYSTONE 2.1 integer benchmark
 poppler-glib-0.24.0 PDF rendering library (GLib wrapper)
 harfbuzz-0.9.19     OpenType text shaping engine
 createbuildlink-3.16 Shell script to help creating files
 gobject-introspection-1.36.0nb2 GObject Introspection
 gdbus-codegen-2.36.4 Generate code and/or documentation for one or more D-Bus 
 p5-Test-Memory-Cycle-1.04nb5 Check for memory leaks and circular memory 
 p5-Test-Pod-1.48nb1 Perl5 module to check for POD errors in files
 p5-Test-Taint-1.04nb6 Tools to test taintedness
 xetex-0.9998nb12    TeX system with Unicode and modern font technologies
 gnuplot-4.6.3nb4    Portable interactive, function plotting utility
 suse32_libjpeg-12.1nb1 Linux 32-bit compatibility package for JPEG
 gdk-pixbuf2-xlib-2.28.2 Image loaders for gtk2
 adobe-flash-plugin- Adobe Flash Player Browser plugin
 firefox-23.0.1      Web browser with support for extensions
 suse32_openssl-12.1nb4 Linux 32-bit compatibility package for OpenSSL
 boost-jam-1.53.0    Free, peer-reviewed portable C++ source libraries 
(Boost.Jam utility)
 suse32_alsa-12.1    Linux 32-bit compatibility package for ALSA
 boost-headers-1.53.0nb1 Free, peer-reviewed portable C++ source libraries 
(build-time headers)
 openimageio-1.1.7nb5 OpenImageIO is a library for reading and writing images
 at-spi2-atk-2.8.1   Assistive Technology Service Provider Interface A11y 
 emacs24-24.3nb5     GNU editing macros (editor)
 py27-libxml2-2.9.1  Python wrapper for libxml2
 py27-libxslt-1.1.28nb1 Python wrapper for libxslt
 gnome-doc-utils-0.20.10nb1 Documentation utilities for the GNOME project
 evince-2.32.0nb29   Document viewer
 espeak-1.46.02      Speech synthesizer
 tcl-8.5.14          Tool Command Language, a dynamic language
 tk-8.5.14nb3        Graphical toolkit for TCL
 py27-Tk-2.7.5nb3    Tkinter -- Python interface to Tcl/Tk
 py27-imaging-1.1.7nb7 PIL, the Python Imaging Library
 mpcomplex-1.0.1     Multiprecision complex arithmetic library
 xtrace-1.3.1        Trace communication between X11 client and server

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