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Re: pkg/41601


On 13.04.13 13:10, Patrick Welche wrote:
  So, before carrying on with possible fixes, could someone try compiling
  without patch-aj on Solaris, so we can check the gnome bug and reopen it
  if necessary?

  (From the feature_tests.h quote, the patch might be necessary :-/)

I was just able to compile the package on Solaris 10/i86 without patch-aj.

A few observations along the way:

- I made a copy of devel/glib2 parallel to the original directory and removed patch-aj in this copy. I was surprised, that the patches were still fetched from ../../devel/glib2/patches/. This seems a little bit counter-intuitive to the normal "localness" of pkgsrc.

- I did not fix "distinfo". Maybe it would be a good reality check (nothing more, though) to throw a warning if a file is mentioned there but is not present.


 Jörn Clausen                    
 Universität Bielefeld

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