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Re: pkg/47441

The following reply was made to PR pkg/47441; it has been noted by GNATS.

From: Blue Rats <>
Subject: Re: pkg/47441
Date: Thu, 28 Mar 2013 02:20:14 +0000

 > The reason I didn't commit it, is that it broke my
 > zenity build. zenity has gone to require gtk3 and then make libnotify
 > optional.
 How did it break zenity?
 > Options for zenity are:
 >  - update it to the gtk3 version - but then what of meta-pkgs/gnome (2)
 Not a GNOME user, so don't really have an opinion on the future of the GNOME 2 
packages. I'd say update zenity, but import it as zenity-gnome3 or something. 
We're likely going to have to maintain gnome3 versions of these packages in 
parallel to the ones we have in HEAD now. Some of the GNOME 3-based packages 
are already in -wip. 
 I don't see the point of not importing newer versions of these packages and 
instead waiting for the older series to bitrot to a point where no one uses 
them and demands the current, stable, supported branch by upstream. We're just 
wasting time not having these packages in HEAD, where they could be tested by 
our bulk builds across OSes, versions of those OSes, architectures, and pkgsrc 
versions. In the end, it slows the development of upstreams' packages too 
(assuming we stay good in pushing those changes/suggestions/feature requests to 
them and they integrate them in a timely manner).
 >  - disable libnotify in zenity
 Seems like that would violate the POLA. If it's a PKG_OPTION, can we make it 
 > But then what of all the other libnotify using packages? Suck it and see?
 With both versions imported, we could test each package and its dependencies 
before throwing the switch for good. It seems better than just maintaining the 
version of libnotify that we have until it becomes a problem.
 Just wanted to note in this PR that an updated version of py-notify 
(pkg/47698) and wip/py-notify-dev builds fine with wip/libnotify.

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