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Re: PR/47605 CVS commit: pkgsrc/net/wpa_supplicant

> I'm not sure what "pull-up leaf package" means in this case - can you be
> a bit more specific, please? It doesn't seem to be an internal merging on
> cvs branches or trunk, so I'm guessing some non-standard usage of terms.

Right. Perhaps, "updating a package on which no other package depends and
which already had patches submitted in a PR".

> Whatever, please remember that cvs logs need to be able to be parsed in
> isolation by people using cvs log or via web interface.

Is there anything more than "PR category/PR_Number" that gets parsed

> If you resolve a PR, or a part of a PR, please say exactly what part is
> resolved - this avoids people having to interface through gnats just to
> see what has been fixed.
> And a succinct list of changes between old and new version is needed
> in the cvs log - please provide this.

Will do it in subsequent commits.

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