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Re: pkg/47668: rplayd has wrong paths in man page

The following reply was made to PR pkg/47668; it has been noted by GNATS.

From: Makoto Fujiwara <>
Subject: Re: pkg/47668: rplayd has wrong paths in man page
Date: Wed, 20 Mar 2013 09:01:46 +0900

 This looks better than original, but I did not verified 
 all the path's appeared in man pages yet.
 Especially the following ones of rplay.conf(5) are not in the PLIST.
 Index: audio/rplay/Makefile
 RCS file: /cvs/cvsroot/pkgsrc/audio/rplay/Makefile,v
 retrieving revision 1.62
 diff -u -u -p -r1.62 Makefile
 --- audio/rplay/Makefile       2 Oct 2012 23:48:08 -0000       1.62
 +++ audio/rplay/Makefile       19 Mar 2013 15:31:00 -0000
 @@ -21,14 +21,25 @@ RCD_SCRIPTS=       rplayd
  EGDIR=                ${PREFIX}/share/examples/rplay
 -      cd ${WRKSRC}/doc; for manpage in *.[0-9]; do                    \
 -              ${SED}  -e "s|/usr/local/etc|${PKG_SYSCONFDIR}|g"       \
 -                      -e "s|/usr/local|${PREFIX}|g"                   \
 -                      -e "s|/etc/rplay|${PKG_SYSCONFDIR}|g"           \
 -                      $${manpage} > $${manpage}.pdone;                \
 -              ${MV} -f $${manpage}.pdone $${manpage};                 \
 -      done
 +SUBST_CLASSES+=               confdir
 +SUBST_STAGE.confdir=  pre-configure
 +SUBST_MESSAGE.confdir=        Fix pkg config dir of man pages.
 +SUBST_FILES.confdir+= doc/rplay.conf.5
 +SUBST_FILES.confdir+= doc/rplay.helpers.5
 +SUBST_FILES.confdir+= doc/rplay.hosts.5
 +SUBST_FILES.confdir+= doc/rplay.servers.5
 +SUBST_SED.confdir=    -e "s|/usr/local||"
 +SUBST_SED.confdir+=   -e "s|/etc|${PKG_SYSCONFDIR}|"
 +SUBST_SED.confdir+=   -e "s|/lib/|${PREFIX}/lib|"
 +SUBST_CLASSES+=               prefix
 +SUBST_STAGE.prefix=   pre-configure
 +SUBST_MESSAGE.prefix= Fix prefix of man pages.
 +SUBST_FILES.prefix=   doc/rplayd.8
 +#SUBST_FILES.prefix+= doc/rplay.1
 +#SUBST_FILES.prefix+= doc/rptp.1
 +SUBST_SED.prefix=     -e "s|/usr/local|${PREFIX}${PKG_CONFIGDIR}|"
  .for f in rplay.conf rplay.helpers rplay.hosts rplay.servers

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