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Re: pkg/47614 (6.0 nvi-m17n package seems broken on NetBSD-current)

On 05/03/2013 11:10, wrote:
Synopsis: 6.0 nvi-m17n package seems broken on NetBSD-current
termcap v.s. terminfo?
roy, could you take a look this?

I'll try to, but I'm struggling with this part

and try to input some japanese letters.  like aiueo.

How can I do this with a UK keyboard?
Also, what $TERM are you using? I suspect the error is here.

At a first glance, nvi-euc-jp has cursor problems as well on wsvt25 whereas the nvi binary it builds works just fine. A quick look at the code shows it has it's own curses implementation which doesn't really help any. Linking it to ncurses instead of terminfo (for the termcap functions) shows that the cursor problem persists.



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