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Re: pkg/47381 (add pkgsrc/www/py-werkzeug and py-werkzeug-html-docs 0.8.3)

On Wed, Jan 16, 2013 at 06:45:04AM +0000, Richard PALO wrote:

>  In particular, in order to ensure the correct python interpreter is run, 
>  perhaps it *is* better to put the examples in PYSITELIB like some other 
>  python packages.

Actually that's something both PYPKGPREFIX and REPLACE_PYTHON are
pretty good at.

The point of Werkzeug's distribution format (as far as I can tell)
is to have everything in one place suitable for building, document
and presenting Werkzeug.  I think the examples are really nice to
have, but if they had been meant to see any actual use other than
being looked at, I'm sure the Werkzeug distribution would have them
packaged next to the testsuite directory, so I'll drop those into
share/examples for now.

(I hadn't even thought about the HTML documentation when packaging;
that's really nice to have locally.)

>  What would be nice is perhaps a more comprehensive guideline for pkgsrc 
>  python packages.

One can't argue with that; section 10.1.3 of the guide is ok to
start with, but when reviewing your proposed changes I found myself
reading the collection of lang/python/*.mk files.

Anyway, thanks for providing me with further input. I'm about to
commit the fix to py-werkzeug; html docs should go in later tonight.

Best regards
- Klaus

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