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Re: pkg/47381 (add pkgsrc/www/py-werkzeug and py-werkzeug-html-docs 0.8.3)

Hi Richard,

thanks for your report. (I've actually had a packaged werkzeug
around for months, and when I committed it I only checked against
prior art in wip, otherwise I'd have simply used yours as a base.)

I'm fixing py-werkzeug right now (in particular the testsuite
installation/PLIST fix); however, there are two issues I'd like to
have your feedback about:

1) What's the point of packaging the artwork files - neither code nor
   (generated) docs reference those? (AUTHORS, along with CHANGES,
   is another matter - the former gets referenced after all.)
   In other words: Do you see (or better: have) use for those?

2) I disagree with compiling the examples, particularly
   since they live outside of PYSITELIB, nor is there prior art for
   such pratice.

- Klaus

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