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Re: pkg/47369: update pkgsrc/mail/milter-greylist to 4.4.1 and use bison instead of yacc to build on solaris

Le 07/01/13 20:15, Matthias Scheler a écrit :
  I'm sorry but I'm not sure what you are talking about as the pathnames
  are correct on my NetBSD system.

  As the "pkgsrc" package doesn't modify "greylist.conf" in the first place
  it sounds like a problem that you should report upstream to the maintainer
  of "milter-greylist" instead.

  If it is indeed a "pkgsrc" problem please create a *new* PR for this.

        Thanks in advance

  Matthias Scheler                        

The problem appears when VARBASE isn't '/var' which may not be your case, but is probably the general case for nonBSD (and soon sngl) users.

see pkg/47420: fix pkgsrc/mail/milter-greylist VARBASE path problems + patch for duplicate definition warnings during compile

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