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Re: pkg/47219: "pkgin in firefox" does not work

>  See 
>  Should we automate these complaints?

At least for i386/amd64/spark64/ppc -- yes.

>  Should we automate the regeneration of the pkg_summary?

I think no. There is a risk to make a real mess instead of normal
package repository. The only correct way to generate pkg_summary(5) is
to use bulk builds both for building packages and uploads. Manual
interventions should be avoided or minimized.

>  Should we have some queue directory for new uploads so the new packages 
>  are added to public repo at same time as new pkg_summary?

Yes. In my case upload is very slow. In order to reduce a period of time
when a repository is in "unclear" state I thought about two directories
for uploading and swapping them in the end.

Best regards, Aleksey Cheusov.

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