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Re: pkg/47252: upgrade pkgsrc/lang/gcc47 to 4.7.2

Concerning gcc47-libs, I do believe there are some problems.

First, the coupling with gcc47 seems a bit twisted, with regard to PKGREVISION as it is separately managed. So I try reset to blank as in gcc47.

When building the package I get the following:
richard@devzone:~/src/pkgsrc/lang/gcc47-libs$ bmake package
===> Installing dependencies for gcc47-libs-4.7.2
The following variables will affect the build process of this package,
gcc47-libs-4.7.2.  Their current value is shown below:

        * GCC_TARGET_MACHINE = x86_64-sun-solaris2.11

You may want to abort the process now with CTRL-C and change their value
before continuing.  Be sure to run `/opt/pkg/bin/bmake clean' after
the changes.
=> Build dependency gcc47-4.7.2{,nb[0-9]*}: found gcc47-4.7.2
===> Overriding tools for gcc47-libs-4.7.2
===> Extracting for gcc47-libs-4.7.2
===> Patching for gcc47-libs-4.7.2
===> Creating toolchain wrappers for gcc47-libs-4.7.2
===> Configuring for gcc47-libs-4.7.2
===> Installing for gcc47-libs-4.7.2
/opt/pkg/sbin/pkg_info -K /var/opt/pkg/db/pkg -qL 'gcc47-4.7.2*' | /opt/pkg/bin/nbsed -n -e's,^/opt/pkg/gcc47/,,' -e'/libexec\//d' -e'/libgij/d;/libgcj/d;/libjvm/d' -e'/lib.*\.so/p' >/tmp/pkgsrc/lang/gcc47-libs/work/lib_files test -d /tmp/pkgsrc/lang/gcc47-libs/work/.destdir/opt/pkg/gcc47/x86_64-sun-solaris2.11/lib || /usr/bin/mkdir -p /tmp/pkgsrc/lang/gcc47-libs/work/.destdir/opt/pkg/gcc47/x86_64-sun-solaris2.11/lib cd /opt/pkg/gcc47 && /bin/pax -rw /tmp/pkgsrc/lang/gcc47-libs/work/.destdir/opt/pkg/gcc47/x86_64-sun-solaris2.11 </tmp/pkgsrc/lang/gcc47-libs/work/lib_files
=> Automatic manual page handling
pkg_info: missing package name(s)
usage: pkg_info [-BbcDdFfhIikLmNnpqrRSsVvX] [-e package] [-E package]
                [-K pkg_dbdir] [-l prefix] pkg-name ...
       pkg_info [-a | -u] [flags]
       pkg_info [-Q variable] pkg-name ...
===> Building binary package for gcc47-libs-4.7.2
=> Creating binary package /home/richard/src/pkgsrc/packages/All/gcc47-libs-4.7.2.tgz


There seems to be something awry with pkg_info... the "object" of the call I believe is blank.

For that matter, shouldn't this be working with the "build" version and not the "installed" version?

Here is the extract from gcc47-libs Makefile:
        ${PKG_INFO} -qL '${GCC_PKGNAME}-${GCC_DIST_VERSION}*' |         \
        ${SED} -n -e's,^${GCC_PREFIX}/,,' -e'/libexec\//d'              \
                -e'/libgij/d;/libgcj/d;/libjvm/d'                       \
                -e'/lib.*\.${SHLIB_EXT}/p'              >${LIBRARY_FILES}

do-install: ${LIBRARY_FILES}
        ${TEST} -d ${DESTDIR}${GCC_PREFIX}/${GCC_TARGET_MACHINE}/lib || \
                ${MKDIR} ${DESTDIR}${GCC_PREFIX}/${GCC_TARGET_MACHINE}/lib
        cd ${GCC_PREFIX} &&                                             \

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