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Re: pkg/47215: print/poppler-cpp fails with error: invalid conversion from 'const char**' to 'char**' [-fpermissive]

> This doesn't look like the right fix, since some platforms (e.g.
>NetBSD) will need ICONV_CONST to be const.
> Please try to find out why ICONV_CONST is defined to const on your
> platform instead (when it shouldn't be, as it seems).
>  Thomas
Hmm, doing a global search in /opt/pkg/include* I notice the following:

richard@devzone:~$ find /opt/pkg/include -name '*.h' -exec grep ICONV_CONST {} \; -print
#define DLG_ICONV_CONST const
#define ICONV_CONST const

perhaps the bug is in OpenSP?

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