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Re: pkg/47054 (benchmarks/super_pi: source unfetchable and restricted)

    Date:        Sat, 13 Oct 2012 17:12:16 +0200
    From:        John Marino <>
    Message-ID:  <>

  | It's hard to say the package is broken if I'm the only one that sees a 
  | problem,

I'm also just guessing at the cause - we'd need a tcpdump trace to
be more convinced what's happening.

  | but I'm wondering if this package should always use fetch the 
  | only server that has the source is misconfigured (or is being a 
  | misconfigured NAT).

Aside from "misconfigured NAT" being redundant, it isn't so much misconfigured
as just lacking support for EPSV (if my guess is correct).  We also have no
idea which particular NAT has the problem - except that it seems to be
somewhere between you and the server in Japan.


ps: ftp is from the base system, there is a version in pkgsrc (net/tnftp),
but its really only intended for non *bsd users.

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