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Re: pkg/47054 (benchmarks/super_pi: source unfetchable and restricted)

On 10/13/2012 13:28, Robert Elz wrote:
Perhaps this is why you're seeing different results than most of the rest
of us, we're probably all using ftp, whereas you are apparently using
fetch instead (my reading of the ftp code in libfetch, which fetch uses,
suggests that it is very pedantic about what it requires of the FTP server,
the ftp command is far more forgiving).

You were right, I was wrong.

> cd /usr/pkgsrc/benchmarks/super_pi
> bmake -V '${FETCH_USING}'

So it's set for ftp as well.

In fact, "bmake FETCH_USING=/usr/bin/fetch fetch"
doesn't even work.  I get an error about the host name.

> env FTPMODE=passive bmake fetch
did not work. Too bad.

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