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Re: pkg/47054 (benchmarks/super_pi: source unfetchable and restricted)

    Date:        Sat, 13 Oct 2012 09:41:50 +0200
    From:        John Marino <>
    Message-ID:  <>

  | If I use filezilla in passive mode, I can connect.

OK.  That's something.

  | I noted that is a softlink to 
  | but changing MASTER_SITES 
  | to that doesn't allow the package to fetch.  It still times out.

That wouldn't be likely to alter anything, the problem you have seems to
be when it tries the data transfer, which is the first time a data connection
is required - so making the data connection looks to be the problem.

  | The client here (I think) is "fetch" which is what pkgsrc dictates.

OK, in that case, it isn't likely to be an EPSV problem, as I don't
thing fetch (or libfetch) attempt EPSV for IPv4 connections, only for
IPv6 (which is probably a sensible design choice, even though EPSV should
work just fine for v4 as well).

  | I'm wondering if there are any settings like passive that can be put 
  | into the makefile that could help fetch succeed.

fetch should use passive mode by default, but you should be able to
make quite certain by putting
in your environment.


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