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PR/45925 CVS commit: pkgsrc/devel/global

The following reply was made to PR pkg/45925; it has been noted by GNATS.

From: "Thomas Klausner" <>
Subject: PR/45925 CVS commit: pkgsrc/devel/global
Date: Fri, 12 Oct 2012 13:31:58 +0000

 Module Name:   pkgsrc
 Committed By:  wiz
 Date:          Fri Oct 12 13:31:58 UTC 2012
 Modified Files:
        pkgsrc/devel/global: Makefile PLIST distinfo
 Log Message:
 Update to 6.2.4, using Matt Danielson's update to 6.2 from PR 45925.
 Version 6.2.4 - May 30 2012
 Gtags with the -f option brings segmentation fault. Now it works.
 This bug exists only in GLOBAL-6.2.3.
 Version 6.2.3 - May 26 2012
 o Built-in parser: When attribute specifier appeared immediately after the
   `struct', `union' or `enum' keyword, GLOBAL could not pick up tag name.
   Now it works correctly.
 New facilities:
 o gtags: --single-update option support addition of a file.
 o global: New --single-update option.
 o gtags.el: New custom variables:
   - gtags-ignore-case
   - gtags-auto-update.
 o gtags.vim: New custom variables 'Gtags_Auto_Update' (default 0).
 Version 6.2.2 - March 15 2012
 o configure: The --disable-gtagscscope option didn't avoid building 
   completely. So, ./configure failed when there is no curses library.
   Now it avoids building gtags-cscope completely.
 o htags: Imported a patch to fix htags on Windows Vista+ (tmpfile wants to 
   its file in the root directory, which is not writable by normal users).
 Version 6.2.1 - February 24 2012
 New facilities:
 o gtags: New --accept-dotfiles option.
 o configure: New --disable-gtagscscope option.
 o gtags.el: Key mapping was changed to follow "Key binding conventions" of 
Emacs Lisp.
   - The prefix character "\C-c" for suggested key mapping became customizable.
     If you want to invoke 'gtags-find-tag by "\C-xt", please write your .emacs 
     like follows:
         (setq gtags-suggested-key-mapping t)
         (setq gtags-prefix-key "\C-x")
 o gtags.el: Key mapping was changed to follow "Key binding conventions" of 
Emacs Lisp.
   - Policy of key mapping was changed.
   [Old] If 'gtags-suggested-key-mapping' is false, any key mapping is not done.
   [New] If 'gtags-suggested-key-mapping' is false, almost key mapping is not 
         But "\C-m" and "\C-t" in 'Gtags select mode' are always enabled.
 global: The -L option with '-' didn't work. Now it works.
 Built-in parser:
 - Pick up symbols in expression in enumerator-list as "reference or other 
 - C/C++ parser couldn't handle typedef of the form of 'typedef enum tag_name 
   correctly. Now, it works.
 Version 6.2 - January 21 2012
 New facilities:
 o gtags.el: Added support for TRAMP. Now gtags.el works almost transparently 
with TRAMP.
   Please send a bug report to the bug mailing list.
 o gtags-cscope: Enables an environment variable EDITOR allow options.
 o gtags-cscope: New -i option.
 o gtags-cscope.vim: New custom variable GtagsCscope_Kepp_Alive.
 o globash: Added long name options:
   use, show, first, last, next, prev:   --vi, --less, --emacs, --vim, 
--gozilla, --noedit
   mark: --list, --edit
   cookie: --list, --edit, --menu, --warp
 o gtags: Add keywords introduced in ISO/IEC 9899:2011.
   _Alignas _Alignof _Atomic _Generic _Noreturn _Static_assert _Thread_local
 o less-global: Quoting is required for the pattern which should be interpreted 
by the shell.
 The icase_path config variable didn't affect the -c command with the -P option 
of global.
 Now it works.
 Version 6.1 - October 7 2011
 New facility:
 o Server side GLOBAL
   You can use some shell scripts instead of global, gtags and htags.
   By this facility, you need not install GLOBAL in your client machine.
   Client machine       Network         Server machine
   +--------------+                    +---------------+
   |gtags-client  |-------- SSH ------>|    gtags      |-->GTAGS,GRTAGS,GPATH
   |              |                    |               |     |
   |global-client |<------- SSH ------>|    global     |<----+
   |              |                    |               |
   | vi, emacs    |<------- NFS ------>| project files |
   +--------------+                    +---------------+
   Please read script/README for the details.
 Version 6.0 - September 7 2011
 New facilities:
 o Now GLOBAL allows path names which include blanks.
 o Now GLOBAL refuses looping symbolic links.
 o global: the -c command accepts -T option.
 o global: the -c command locates symbols in the directories in GTAGSLIBPATH.
 o global: New --match-part option.
 o global: New environment variable GTAGSTHROUGH. If this variable is set,
   the -T option is specified.
 o global: New output format 'ctags-mod'. It is used in gtags.vim.
 o global: New environment variable GTAGSBLANKENCODE.
 o htags: Changed the cflow loader to accept "_' and HTML special chars 
 o gtags.vim: Now allows the use of the -s and -r option at the same time.
 o gtags.vim: Now custom variables: 'Gtags_Auto_Map' (default 0).
 o gtags.el: New custom variable 'gtags-grep-all-text-files'.
 o gtags-cscope: New -a option.
 o gtags-cscope.vim: New custom variables: 'GtagsCscope_Use_Old_Key_Map',
   'GtagsCscope_Ignore_Case', 'GtagsCscope_Absolute_Path'.
 o gtags.el: Now each gtags-find-xxx command follows 'case-fold-search' 
 o gtags.el: Mouse key mappings for xemacs is not done any longer.
 o gtags.el: Changed the prefix character of the commands from 'ESC' to 'Ctrl-c'
   to avoid the collisions with the default key mapping. If you want to use the 
   key mapping, please write the followings in your '.emacs' file.
        (setq gtags-suggested-key-mapping t)
        (setq gtags-use-old-key-map t)
 o gtags.el: New policy of key mapping:
   - If 'gtags-suggested-key-mapping' is false, any key mapping is not done.
   - If 'gtags-disable-pushy-mouse-mapping' is true, any mouse mapping is not 
 o gtags-cscope.vim: The default value of the 'GtagsCscope_Auto_Map' and
   'GtagsCscope_Auto_Load' was changed to 0. Additionally, the default key 
   was changed to the one derived from 'cscope_maps.vim' that was made
   by the cscope team.
   If you hope older environment, please write the followings to your '.vimrc' 
         let GtagsCscope_Auto_Load = 1
         let GtagsCscope_Auto_Map = 1
         let GtagsCscope_Use_Old_Key_Map = 1
 o gtags.vim: Changed the -P sub-command not to accept NULL input.
   Please input '/' instead.
 o gtags-cscope: Title changed.
   Find this C symbol: -> Find this symbol
   Find functions calling this function: -> Find locations calling this 
 o gtags.conf: The lines which start with a '#' on the continuation lines is 
   to be a comment line.
 #       :langmap=C#\:.cs:\
   considered as:|      :langmap=C\:.c:#        :langmap=C#\:.cs:        
   considered as:|      :langmap=C\:.c:        :langmap=Java\|
 o gtags.el: gtags-mode-hook and gtags-select-mode-hook were not the last thing 
   when entering the mode. It has been fixed.
 Version 5.9.7 - July 1 2011
 New facilities:
 o global: the -c command accepts new -P and -r option.
 o gozilla: Now support firefox.
 o globash: Added two commands: d and rs.
 o globash: The -l option in each search command was removed.
 o gtags.el: Removed the default mouse key mapping in gtags-mode and 
   If gtags-suggested-key-mapping is true, the old mouse key mapping is 
         |(setq gtags-suggested-key-mapping t)
 You can use the following facilities by setting GTAGSTESTING environment 
 Please try:
         $ export GTAGSTESTING=  (in sh)
         % setenv GTAGSTESTING   (in csh)
 o gtags: Now gtags detects looping symbolic link.(testing stage)
 o gtags: Now treat blanks in a path correctly.(testing stage)
 If you find a bug, please send a bug report to 
Thank you.
 Version 5.9.6 - June 7 2011
 global: New option --literal.
 htags: New --fixed-guide option.
 htags: didn't make FILEMAP file which is referred by Doxgen.
        version 5.9.4 and 5.9.5 didn't this file.
 gtags-cscope: 'Find this text string:' didn't work correctly in some cases.
 gtags-cscope/Makefile: setting of gtags_cscope_DEPENDENCIES was wrong.
 Version 5.9.5 - May 16 2011
 o gtags-cscope: re-implemented using cscope's code.
   Now, it is almost compatible with cscope itself.
 o Config variable 'suffixes' was completely removed.
   Instead, config variable 'langmap' was actualized.
 Removed GPATH,GTAGS,GRTAGS,GSYMS and html/ from the skip variable
 in gtags.conf file.
 From now on, gtags unconditionally ignore the tag files.
 Though 'html/' was added for Windows, it brought troubles for UNIX.
 o The processing of the --ncol option was missing.
 Version 5.9.4 - March 8 2011
 o gtags.el: New custom variables: 'gtags-disable-pushy-mouse-mapping'
   and 'gtags-suggested-key-mapping'.
 o gtags.el: Command gtags-parse-file was rewritten.
 o gtags.vim: New custom variable Gtags_Use_Tags_Format.
 o htags: Ceases making ID database arbitrarily when the -g option is specified.
 o htags: The --no-map-file option was removed. Instead, new --map-file option
   was added. Htags doesn't make the mapping files (FILEMAP, MAP) any longer.
 o htags: The -c (--compact) option was deleted from the option list of the
   --suggest2 option.
 o htags: A certain kind of files which does not end with newline bring
   segmentation fault.
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 cvs rdiff -u -r1.31 -r1.32 pkgsrc/devel/global/Makefile
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 cvs rdiff -u -r1.9 -r1.10 pkgsrc/devel/global/distinfo
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