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Re: pkg/46478: www/curl does not compile on Solaris/sparc with compiler not configured with devel/libelf

On 24.06.12 23:00, David Holland wrote:
  The two copies of libelf may not be entirely compatible though. One
  would hardly expect them to be, especially since one was shipped by
  Sun using who knows what sources of who knows what antiquity.

It's the system's libelf, and that should be good enough. Obviously they are not compatible, and replacing the native one with a who-knows-where-it-came-from version is not a good idea either.

  Sun's assembler needs to be using only Sun's libelf. Otherwise the
  behavior of the assembler is undefined. It is a bug in the assembler
  that it will randomly pick up some other libelf (not even of the right
  soname) but that is after all the sort of quality one expects from Sun

Please keep any religious issues you might have out of this discussion.

Yes, Solaris assembler has a bug, which has been reported and will probably get fixed. I don't expect the fix to be backported to Solaris 10, though.

  The right fix, I think, is to make sure the assembler doesn't see the
  pkgsrc libelf.

The right solution is not to use devel/libelf on Solaris at all. The *only* binary, that actually uses that libelf instead of the native one is "gresource" from devel/glib2. And that binary segfaults both on sparc and i86. And looking at the README of devel/libelf, I don't think that that library is able to fix the problem with the native libelf (large file support) in the first place. Please remove the dependency of devel/glib2 on devel/libelf and revert to the old workaround.

 Jörn Clausen                    
 Universität Bielefeld

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