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Re: pkg/35211 (loop in pkgsrc build on Solaris 10)

Hi, I'm a little bit short in time.
Does it realy make sence to post the information to one of theese destinations again based on the "old" pkgsrc-version? Currently I've not the time to evaluate it again against the current version, and I'm shure that this would be the first request to me it I post it. (I would request this too, if I would be the maintainer for something.) There are plenty of changes to pkgsrc affecting the Solaris build and it is impossible to me to track them all. In most cases a broken gnu-configure setup or the use of libtool are the source for the problems, but to verify this for a single package it will take around on day of debugging and rebuilding of it. Both problem sources comes with the imported PD-software and are not directly related to the pkgsrc-stuff itself. Currently (2011Q4) e.g. libcrypto will not build in 64-Bit without setting some special options (-R and -L) for the linker in the environment. There where no problems with this in 2010Q4 ...

If I will upgrade to a recent version on Solaris, I will open a report again if something still does not build correctly.


W. Stukenbrock wrote:

Synopsis: loop in pkgsrc build on Solaris 10

State-Changed-From-To: feedback->closed
State-Changed-When: Sat, 28 Apr 2012 06:16:13 +0000

(Can you repost the additional material to tech-pkg, or open a new PR with

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