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Re: pkg/45767: databases/db4/ from pkgsrc 11q-3 won't install on HP-UX itanium

On Thu, Jan 05, 2012 at 09:35:02PM +0000, wrote:
>  I'm not on that system today, but you can go back to the initial bug
>  report to see what I mean.  I beleive the message is "asprintf failed:
>  Error 0", and when I look to see where that message comes from, it
>  appears xasprintf is failing to print whatever the real error is
>  supposed to be.

I finally got around to looking more closely at this, and it doesn't appear
specific to HP-UX or itanium at all, likely just that my --prefix where I
bootstrapped to is longer than some code was written to handle...
/usr/local/free/nbsd/11q3-64/ia64/ is what I was using at the time.

Firstly, after continuting on a different box, this
        pkg_add: Warning: package `db4-4.8.30' was built for a platform:
        pkg_add: HPUX/ia64 11.31 (pkg) vs. HPUX/ia64 B.11.31 (this host)
mysteriously went away on its own.  It's the same hardware and OS version,
but I'm guessing maybe some patch on this system makes the difference.

The above turns out not to matter anyway, since the real problem was
        pkg_add: asprintf failed: Error 0
...especially the fact that the message only gives the merest hint as to
the error.  I was able to work around it by increasing the buffer size in
vasprintf() of pkgtools/libnbcompat/files/asprintf.c that gets malloc'ed
on line 61.  Given that this buffer is used for file paths, woudn't
something like PATH_MAX make more sense than just 128?

Anyway, after getting db4 installed I'm now able to get a fair amount of
pkgsrc to build on this system.  There are still a lot of problem areas,
but they mostly appear to originate in the upstream packages.  Most notably
python and things dependent on it fail to build due to devel/libffi -- I'll
go onto the wiki and try to work some of that out.

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