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Re: pkg/45836: openjdk7 doesn't build without privileges

Rumko writes:

IIRC I made the archive ('twas a long time ago, so could be wrong), but only bootstrap-jdk7-bin-dragonfly-2.10-i386-20110811.tar.bz2 . It was a simple tar-ing of the compiled java package + removing some unneeded files to cut down on the size, so this seems to be the default.

Is LICENSE the only file that exhibits this behaviour or are there more?

That's the only one where there's a "collision" (mode 444 in both archives). There's one other file into bootstrap-jdk7-bin-common-20110811.tar.bz2 that has perms 444, it's bootstrap/jre/lib/ but as it doesn't get overwritten later, it's harmless.

I've got no idea if there's a work-around purely on pkgsrc'side (fixing perms in between two extracts ?) to avoid re-taring and redoing the checksums.

Thanks and best regards,
Francis GUDIN

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